Mythic Quest season 3 episode 8 recap & review: To Catch a Mouse

In episode 8 of Mythic Quest, David asks Jo to handle a rodent problem in his office while Ian and Poppy have trouble working together in theirs. The episode is streaming on Apple TV+.


Ian is obsessing over a Post-It note stuck up on the glass and he tells Dana that it isn’t allowing him to work. Poppy shows up and says that the note is hers to help her remember her ideas.

She and Ian argue over the environment settings of the office because Ian keeps the AC at a very low temperature and Poppy and Dana admit that it is freezing in there. Poppy raises the temperature since it’s 2 against one.

Jo and Brad are near the kitchenette area and Brad is lamenting the fact that his higher intellect is currently being used to pour coffee for Rachel, an adult who wears suspenders. Dana says that being an assistant isn’t all that bad and that she loves the job.

David shrieks loudly from his office and then silently walks up to Jo and tells her that there’s a rat. She and Brad assume he’s talking about a metaphorical rat but Brad confirms that it is a literal rat that he wants Jo to take care of as he works outside.

This time it is Jo’s turn to be sad about her job but Brad convinces her that an actual rat has many overlapping characteristics with a metaphorical rat and they’re the two best-equipped people to capture this rodent.

Jo immediately sends all the other employees out without an explanation so that they don’t learn that there’s a rat in the workplace, something that David was worried about.

Poppy’s working at her desk when a breeze flows by her desk. She asks Ian and he says that he programmed it to compensate for the raised temperature of the AC.

They ask Dana to once again pick a side and she gets so frustrated that she sneaks out after turning off all the lights in the office momentarily.

She runs into David outside and they bond over how silly Ian and Poppy’s arguments are. That’s when the other employees walk out and one of them tells David that Jo kicked them out. David goes back in with Dana following him because she wants a quiet place to work.

Brad and Jo are carrying out this clandestine operation to catch one little rat and David switches on the light to ask them what they’re doing. He tells them that they’re overthinking things and he just wants the rat taken care of.

Ian waits for Poppy outside the washroom and she walks out, he tells her that he’s found a solution to their problem. He takes her to the main hall where it appears like he’s removed her desk.

In reality, her desk is in a small space with the walls painted to give the illusion that it doesn’t exist. He presents it as this revolutionary idea but Poppy makes it clear that he just came up with a cubicle, an already well-known office feature. He walks out claiming that he needs fresh air.

Jo and Brad walk into David’s office with a rat and small rat babies in a container and brag about how they figured out it was pregnant and then set an appropriate trap for it. David says that he doesn’t want the rats but since no one else wants to humanely dispose of them, he has no choice but to keep them.

Poppy walks out to the roof where Ian is sitting by himself. She cracks a joke but Ian is having none of it and when she tries to dig deeper, he asks her why she’s trying to do his job of coming up with ideas.

She says that he’s barely in the office which is why she feels forced to pick up the slack and he retorts that he’s not there because she always kicks him out.

She tells him that usually when she kicks him out, he persists and comes back but something has changed this time. He claims not to know what the change could possibly be and Poppy says that it’s because this time it’s her game, not his.

Ian goes silent and then dejectedly agrees. He said that he did make an effort and Poppy says that it was typical of him to overpromise and underdeliver.

She leaves the roof as Ian flings a chair across in annoyance. Dana returns to the office and sees Poppy working earnestly. She tries to have a conversation but Poppy coldly tells her to get back to work as she wipes a tear from her eye.


  • The huge tonal shift in the climax of the episode was so delicate and tremendous credit goes to Ashly Burch for capturing that sentiment in what is her directorial debut for this series.
  • The argument between Poppy and Ian is made all the more intense thanks to the stellar performances by Charlotte Nicdao and Rob McElhenney. The skill with which these comedic characters can pull off such dramatic scenes is highly impressive.
  • The parallel plot of Brad and Jo carrying out an overproduced capture and extermination of a rat is hilarious. The line about David questioning why they are “profiling a rat” is a sidesplitting dialogue.
Mythic Quest season 3 episode 8
Mythic Quest season 3 episode 8 recap & review: To Catch a Mouse 1

Director: Ashly Burch

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