My Hero Academia season 6 episode 15 recap & review: Tartarus

Titled Tartarus, episode 15 of My Hero Academia season 6 follows All For One as he breaks into the titular prison to break his original body out of it and other villains locked up inside it.


My Hero Academia season 6 episode 15 sees All For One begin his assault on Tartarus, an extremely high-security prison facility for society’s worst offenders with some of the most perilous quirks.

The High-end Nomus breach through the first line of defense easily and pile up the dead bodies. Meanwhile, the original body of All For One remains inside the deepest cell, awaiting his freedom with glee.

Sure enough, the prime antagonist breaks out of his cell, while his henchmen wreak havoc on all other prisons. Following all the destruction and complete unraveling of the prison walls, the other inmates — hundreds and hundreds of them — rush off for their freedom.

Muscular breaks out of the prison, and so does Overhaul. All For One gets out of the prison and the other escaping convicts follow him.

Shigaraki fights back and tries to resist All For One but the latter reassures him that he’s going to be the big bad’s successor, before telling him to rest and heal his body.

The nomus and other escaped convicts attack seven other prisons as well, six of which see many villains break out for their freedom.

Finally, All For One uses a guard’s bio ID to unlock a plane and fly it to his freedom and later reassures Spinner that Shigaraki will be back in action once his body heals.

Two days after the Tartarus prison break, the Pro Heroes all recover. Shoto Todoroki is saddened to see all the people protesting Endeavor outside the hospital, rife with anti-Hero sentiments.

Meanwhile, Bakugo wakes up and is informed that Deku still hasn’t woken up from unconsciousness, and Todoroki’s brother, sister, and an unidentified (presumably his mother) visit him.


  • My Hero Academia season 6 episode 15 spends almost its entirety following the villains’ prison break from Tartarus and creating hype with the number of dangerous villains who are now loose and can return to action in the future.
  • It’s great to see the growling Bakugo care so strongly about the once whimpering Deku who now lies unconscious after going berserk for his Elementary bully and current rival.
  • Shoto’s plunge into a sense of revenge against Dabi is mostly akin to a sense of duty, for his father and family’s stability.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 15
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 15 recap & review: Tartarus 1

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