Love & Death season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Do No Evil

In the fourth episode of Love & Death, Betty’s body is discovered while Candy, after killing Betty, pretends that she doesn’t know what happened to her. The episode is now streaming on HBO Max.


Betty clarifies to Candy that she doesn’t want her to see Allan ever again. Candy assures her that their affair ended a long time ago; she isn’t seeing him and doesn’t want him.

Betty and Candy come to an understanding, and the former keeps the axe down. Betty tells her where Alisa’s swimsuit is, and moments later, after handing Candy peppermints for Alisa, Betty makes up her mind that Candy needs to die.

Betty pushes Candy, picks up the axe again, and swings it at Candy, who tries to defend herself. The two engage in a physical altercation, and while Betty’s landline rings, Candy walks out of the house, all wet, with a spatter of blood on her head.

Candy drives back home, cleans herself, takes a shower, and goes to pick up her kids and Alisa at the church. Candy keeps calm. She makes up a lie about why she is late and sticks to the same exact words so that no one will suspect her.

After picking up the kids, as planned, she goes to Target to buy Father’s Day cards. She calls Pat to ask for money, as Alisa will be staying with them tonight and going to the movies with them. She tells him the same lie she told everyone, although he hasn’t even asked.

Candy is all lost, as when Sherry stops by, she forgets that Sherry was going to come for the card table. Meanwhile, Allan keeps calling home, but Betty doesn’t pick up the phone.

Candy spends the day thinking about what she has done. Allan, on the other hand, finally decides to call his neighbor, Richard, to check if Betty is home. Since Betty doesn’t answer the door, Richard assumes that she is probably out and tells Allan the same.

Allan then rings Candy to inquire if she visited Betty and if Betty had any other plans. Candy admits that she saw her in the morning and says that Betty looked fine to her.

Allan calls a bunch of neighbors and asks them to break into his house and check what is up. The neighbors discover spatters of blood in the bathroom and Betty’s infant child crying in another room. Richard takes the baby to his house.

Eventually, they come across Betty’s dead body. Allan is told about it, and he informs Candy as well, who pretends as if she doesn’t know what happened. The cops arrive, and initially, it is assumed that Betty has been shot and that this is the work of a cult.

Allan informs the cops that Candy was the last to see Betty in the morning. The talk spreads, and Candy soon learns that the cops have figured out that Betty was killed with an axe. Furthermore, the footprints at the crime scene suggest that the killer was a woman or a kid.

Allan comes back to the town and blames himself, as Betty was always afraid of being alone. He breaks down after sharing the news with his daughter, Alisa. Candy comforts both of them.

The next day, she approaches Don and inquires about the procedure she will have to go through since she was the last person to visit Betty. Don states that she is the second last person because the last is, of course, the killer, who has to be a very big man, according to him.

At Betty’s, Candy revisits the room where she killed Betty and also meets Betty’s mother, Bertha. Only the dogs at Betty’s recognize Candy as they bark at her.

Candy is later called to the police station to give a statement. Candy uses the same lies she has been using all day but leaves a lot of room for the cops to suspect her as she tells them about the exact time she visited certain locations.

The cops next talk to Allan and inquire if Betty or he had an affair. Allan admits that Betty did have an affair back in the day, but he doesn’t tell them about Candy. At night, he thinks about it and calls the chief to let him know that he did have an affair with Candy Montgomery.


  • The fourth episode shifts the whole atmosphere of Love & Death. Suddenly, it feels like there is a dark cloud looming over the town. The background music further intensifies this dark atmosphere.
  • Although the viewers do know what is going to happen, the tension built is right, and the viewers are left more to care about the reactions of the characters once they discover the horrific crime.
  • When the neighbors enter Betty’s house, the way the show has captured the whole sequence makes the house look like one straight out of a horror film.
  • Lastly, Elizabeth Olsen continues to deliver a powerful performance. She manages to act like she doesn’t know what has happened while looking guilty. 
Love & Death season 1 episode 4
Love & Death season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Do No Evil 1

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