The Legend of Vox Machina season 2 episodes 10, 11, and 12 recap, review & ending explained

In the final episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina season 2, the party reconvenes at Westruun where they attempt to take down the dragon Umbrasyl and get one step closer to defeating the Chroma Conclave. The episodes are streaming on Prime Video.

Episode 10 recap: The Killbox

Percy, Keyleth, Vex, and Vax return to Whitestone and find that it is being kept hidden by magic. They meet Cassandra, Keeper Yennen, Gilmore, Allura, and Kima in the great hall to find out the state of things.

When asked about the location of the other members of their party, Keyleth tells them that she lost them while casting a spell so Allura tries to find them. Her spell shows them that Grog, Scanlan, and Pike are in Westruun and that Grog is facing off against Kevdak.

Grog accuses Kevdak of bringing dishonor to the Herd of Storms by bending the knee to a dragon before challenging him to combat. Kevdak gladly accepts and warns Grog that he will face death.

Grog is getting beaten pretty handily and Scanlan and Pike want to help but don’t know how. Kaylie the gnome from Dr. Dranzel’s troupe shows up to help. Kevdak catches a glimpse of Pike and orders the herd to grab her and the others.

He beats Grog up even more and then makes him watch as he crushes Pike beneath his foot. Grog gets a vision of Earthbreaker Groon who once again asks him where he gets his strength.

As he watches Pike cry out in pain in front of him, Grog finally realizes that his strength comes from his friends and immediately rages, bringing him back to his old muscular self.

He puts up a fight against Kevdak but it isn’t enough until he notices shadowy figures on the rooftops. He tells Kevdak that he’s got more friends before calling out for Vox Machina to cause chaos.

Keyleth, Percy, Vex, and Vax step out of the shadows and start an all-out war with the herd. Everyone plays their part as Grog finally kills Kevdak and claims the Titanstone Knuckles for himself.

He breaks Zanror’s chains and announces that Zanror is the new Thunderord of the Herd of Storms. While everyone celebrates this momentary time of peace, Vax is distracted by visions of the Matron of Ravens.

Kaylie leads Scanlan up to the bedroom and ties him up. Scanlan assumes they’re going to fool around but Kaylie reveals that she’s actually Scanlan’s daughter as she holds a sword up to his chest.

Episode 11 recap: Belly of the Beast

Scanlan tries to reason with Kaylie but he doesn’t even remember who her mother is. He admits he’s a horrible person who deserves to die and tells her she can kill him.

She stops herself and tells him that killing him would be taking the easy way out. She leaves him alive and says he must live with the guilt of his actions.

Vax steps out as he’s called by an image of the Matron. He sees the souls of all the dead that he’s come across on his journeys and they ask him to help them reach their final resting place before his vision abruptly ends.

He goes back and finds Scanlan all by himself on the balcony. He asks Scanlan for advice regarding the constant change they face in their lives and Scanlan says that they have no choice but to face it head-on and not give in to fear.

Umbrasyl is back in his lair where Thordak warns him that if he delays bringing the riches from Westruun any longer, then Thordak will put an end to him. Anna walks out and tells Umbrasyl that once they get the other vestiges, they won’t have to fear Thordak’s might.

Grog and Percy tell the rest of the herd that they must lay a trap for Umbrasyl when he returns and Percy begins explaining the specifics of the trap he will be set.

Vax walks off on his own with Vex and Keyleth following close behind. He tells them that the Matron has been calling and he must answer to find out what she wants. He asks them to stay back and trust that he will be safe.

He enters a decrepit temple and is welcomed by masked figures who lead him to a shrine of the Matron behind a pool of blood. He walks into the pool and lets himself drown.

When he wakes up, he is face to face with the Matron. She explains to him that as her champion, he needs to maintain the sanctity between life and death and make sure he fully understands the cause that he fights for. He accepts his responsibility and wakes up back at the shrine.

He goes back to find Percy has finished explaining an elaborate trap that he has come up with to restrain Umbrasyl. Zanror hands Grog Kevdak’s Bloodaxe since he’s the one who killed Kevdak.

Kaylie and the rest of Dr. Dranzel’s troupe get ready to leave and Scanlan goes after her to promise that he can change and be better for her. She dismisses his efforts to win her over and says she doesn’t want anything from him.

The next day, everyone gets ready near the trap set for Umbrasyl. The dragon arrives but sees the trap just before getting caught in it. However, Vex sets it off with an arrow and everyone begins attacking him with everything they’ve got.

Umbrasyl breaks free and turns invisible, giving him the upper hand. Scanlan tells Vax that they need to get inside Umbrasyl through his backside because he’s got an idea.

Once again, they manage to do quite a lot of damage but Umbrasyl endures and flies away with Scanlan and Vax inside him. Grog throws his Bloodaxe with a rope and it attaches to the dragon, pulling Grog into the air with it.

Episode 12 recap: The Hope Devourer

Scanlan dreams about a future where he is old and living with Kaylie and his grandchildren before Vax wakes him up and reminds him that they’re inside Umbrasyl.

Grog is holding onto the rope with the axe and Keyleth turns into a giant bird with Percy and Pike on board and Vex riding her broom as thy chase the dragon.

Grog gets closer to Umbrasyl and begins attacking him but Umbrasyl shakes him off and as Grog is falling down, he activates the knuckles to soften his fall.

Pike rushes to his side to heal him and he just about survives. Scanlan and Vax look for a way to get out of Umbrasyl and hack away at the huge sword wound in its belly. They’re about to be engulfed with acid when Scanlan uses his mage hand to push them out.

Scanlan grabs them in his mage hand but Umbrasyl knocks him out, causing them to fall. Vax closes his eyes and gives in to fate, asking the Matron for assistance. His armor sprouts wings and he grabs Scanlan and flies back to the party.

Grog is significantly healed but not at 100 percent as Percy observes Umbrasyl retreat to his mountain lair. Vax insists on going after Umbrasyl but the others aren’t too confident while Scanlan just gives up.

They reluctantly go along with Vax as he leads them to the lair. Umbrasyl goes rogue and cuts off his conversation with Thordak as he tells Ripley that the others are bringing the vestiges to them.

Vax calls Scanlan a coward and he feels bad about it. He tells Pike about Kaylie being his daughter and how she called him a coward too but he doesn’t want to let her down. Pike tells Scanlan that he doesn’t have to let her down, but he needs to be brave to do that.

The Legend of Vox Machina season 2 ending explained:

What happens inside the lair?

Vax offers to go in ahead of everyone to scout the place but Umbrasyl is waiting for him. He tries to fight back against the dragon but is no match for its might. Pike offers to stay outside with a still injured Grog while the others go in after Vax.

They fight off the dragon while trying to keep Vax alive as he’s unconscious from Umbrasyl’s attack. He comes to and they carry an all-out assault on Umbrasyl as Grog and Pike eventually join in.

Yet again, they don’t seem to be able to truly trouble Umbrasyl and he backs them all into a corner.

Does Vox Machina defeat Umbrasyl?

Throughout the battle, Scanlan does very little and even considers running away. However, he thinks about all the advice he gave Vax, everything they said to him, and how his conversation with his daughter went.

He decides to be brave and as Umbrasyl is focused on the rest, Scanlan sneaks up on him and grabs Mythcarver. He attacks Umbrasyl’s eye and then takes out the dragon with one magical blow.

Ripley watches all this from hiding and worries about her fate. The party is delighted to defeat the dragon and have access to his horde of gold.

What happens back at Whitestone?

Vox Machina heads back to Whitestone where they celebrate this small victory as proof that the Chroma Conclave can be defeated. As they’re all enjoying a drink, Cassandra, Allura, Kima, and Gilmore pass out as Keeper Yennen speaks with a different voice.

It turns out to be Raishan, one of the dragons from the conclave. She tells the party that she doesn’t like what Thordak has planned and is willing to work with Vox Machina to take him down.

Back at Emon, Vorugal informs Thordak of Umbrasyl’s death but Thordak isn’t worried as he says there is an army that will soon rise as several eggs are revealed in the ruins of Emon.


  • Sam Riegel has a wonderful signing voice and the musical sequences involving him are always delightful. He has a wonderful arc in these three episodes as well.
  • The animation is exquisite as the battles between Vox Machina and the Herd of Storms and Umbrasyl and everyone else is high-intensity and gripping to watch.
  • The season ends on an interesting note as the party is riding the high of taking down one dragon and has just been approached by another dragon. The campaign has been split up quite efficiently in this manner.
The Legend of Vox Machina season 2 episodes 10, 11 and 12
The Legend of Vox Machina season 2 episodes 10, 11, and 12 recap, review & ending explained 1

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