Invasion season 2 episode 4 recap & review: The Tunnel

In the fourth episode of Invasion season 2, Jamila and her friends make their way to Paris, and humans realize that their victory over the aliens is short-lived. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Before humans attacked the alien ships, Jamila, Monty, Penny, Alfie, and Darwin were on their way to Paris. They were told that the last train from France never came to England, and the recon team did not come out of the Eurotunnel. The French are now threatening to close their end of the tunnel permanently.

Jamila is determined to get to the tunnel, and she directs Monty to take another route, despite the soldiers’s warning. Monty is worried about Penny before entering the tunnel, but he still joins Jamila and the others with his sister.

Unlike the others, Jamila is not scared. She encourages the group to fight and keep going, as she believes that Caspar is waiting for them in Paris. The group agrees to take this risk for Caspar. They will be crossing the tunnel on foot. 

Caspar has still not woken up, and he is being monitored by his doctor, Esmee. He is experiencing seven seizures an hour on average. It turns out that he is not the only child who has a connection with the aliens. There are other children like him there. 

Monty gets annoyed by Penny’s constant chatter and asks her to keep quiet. This leads to Penny wandering off on her own and returning after finding a better route. Before Penny returns, the rest of them stumble upon the dead bodies of the recon team. 

The group now knows that there are aliens in the tunnel. They are also attacked by one of them, but it cannot harm them, as it suddenly dies because of the human’s counter-attack.

When Penny takes them through the tunnel she found, the group finds several dead bodies of aliens as well as water vibrating inside the tunnel. Jamila thinks that it is a message that the aliens are sending. Suddenly, Penny tells them that she can feel the aliens.

At the same time, an ambulance gets into an accident outside the hospital Caspar is in. The driver is injured, and he tells Esmee that the aliens are coming and that they are worse this time. 

The aliens come back to life. Jamila and her friends see them coming for them. They manage to close a gate and hide behind it before the aliens get to them. Furthermore, Penny starts panicking, and Monty helps her calm down.

Esmee heeds the injured driver’s warning and orders the staff to leave the hospital with the children, who are all chanting the word “Wajo”. Esmee cannot take Caspar, as he is hooked to the machines and cannot be moved. Before leaving, she asks Caspar to survive.

The aliens that come for Jamila and her friends are much stronger than the ones that died. Fire does not hurt them, and they easily break the gate. The children then hide behind a stronger gate and create a sturdy barrier between themselves and the aliens.

They make it out alive, but they lose their supplies. They have no choice but to continue walking to get to France. However, they eventually find themselves stuck, as the path ahead is blocked by the train and cars that were attacked by the aliens. 

Monty insists that they rest for a while. Alfie and Darwin go to find supplies, and Monty talks to Jamila after putting Penny to sleep. He tells Jamila that he has been using maps and mazes to calm Penny down whenever she gets scared.

Jamila regrets her decisions and blames herself for getting all of them stuck inside the tunnel with no way out. Monty tries to comfort her and tell her that she gave him and his sister hope, but Jamila wants to be left alone.

Alfie also fights Monty because he does not trust him. However, Monty manages to win his trust by opening up to him and Darwin and telling them about his parents’ song. The teenagers decide to rest for a while.

Jamila dreams about Caspar again, but this time, she can see him in her dream. Caspar tells her that a part of him is with the aliens. After the hospital incident with Jamila and Trevante, he felt something pulling him and was led into the world of the aliens.

He wanted to get out, but things got worse after the humans’ counter-attack. The aliens are now sending stronger signals, and that is why Caspar and Jamila can see each other. Jamila and Caspar promise each other to keep fighting. While Caspar will try to learn their weaknesses, Jamila will not stop finding him.

Jamila then asks Monty to help her find a way out of the tunnel, and Penny wakes up and realizes that the aliens are coming through the tunnels. Fortunately, Monty creates a passage to get the group to safety.

The group reaches the end of the tunnel, only to find it blocked. The French are blowing it up to close it permanently. With the aliens hot on their heels, the children start screaming for help. The soldiers on the other side hear their cries and create a small opening to pull them out.

The soldiers pull them out and blow up the tunnel’s entry, but not without Darwin getting bitten by an alien. He is taken away by the soldiers to get treated, but before that, he asks his friends to find Caspar. The group continues on their journey to find Caspar.

Meanwhile, the aliens enter the now-deserted hospital. Caspar is the only one left behind, and it seems like he is struggling to wake up. 


  • Monty has been depicted as a bully until now. However, his care and concern for his sister make his character seem more than just that; it makes him look like any other teenager. In fact, he is quite likable in this episode.
  • As the group of children faces dangers together, they get to know each other better. By staying with the group till the very end, Monty proves to them that he can be trusted. More than anything else, this episode was about Monty’s redemption.
  • The scenes with the aliens chasing the group keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The fact that they are all defenseless children makes these scenes a little horrifying. 
Invasion season 2 episode 4
Invasion season 2 episode 4 recap & review: The Tunnel 1

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