Harley Quinn season 3 episode 7 recap & review: Another Sharkley Adventure

In episode 7 of Harley Quinn, Harley learns a lesson in friendship while King Shark visits his underwater home to deal with some family issues. The episode is streaming on HBO Max.


Ivy has been trying to find Frank by going into the Green but she can never tell where Bruce Wayne is holding him and the whole experience drains a lot of her energy. Harley asks Selina who’s back in the house after breaking up with Bruce if she can help.

Selina isn’t too keen to dive back in so soon because she says that Bruce is way too clingy and has tons of baggage. She does tell them about a gala event he’s holding to try and get her back.

Harley plans to attend the gala and kidnap Bruce Wayne so that they can torture him and find out Frank’s whereabouts but she has trouble getting a plus one for the kidnapping. Ivy is too sick and tired, Clayface has to pretend to be Billy Bob Thornton and King Shark has to attend his father’s funeral.

Now that his father is dead, he has to go back home and pass on the mantle of King to his brother, Prince Shark.

Meanwhile, Batgirl wants to investigate a new range of weird-looking hats with neurotech in them because she believes it’s the work of Jervis Tetch aka Mad Hatter. Bruce tells her that he ran the Hatter out of town years ago so it can’t be him.

Batgirl keeps texting Harley after the two of them made a connection during the Riddler’s escape room. Harley ignores her because she’s too busy planning her kidnapping.

King Shark attends the funeral by his brother’s side and hands over the mantle of king without incident but when his brother casually says that the kingdom will not exist for much longer, he is forced to take notice.

Harley sneaks into the gala but is intercepted by Batgirl who is disappointed that Harley lied to her about staying in. Batgirl considers Harley her friend but Harley isn’t too keen to be friends with a goody two shoes like her.

While they’re fighting in the elevator, they get grabbed by a group of men in rabbit masks.

King Shark asks his brother what he meant when he said that the kingdom won’t exist soon and his brother tells him that he has decided to sell off the land to Ocean Master who wants to redevelop it into a mall and food court.

King Shark asks his brother not to give up on their ancestral land so easily but Prince Shark tells him that he has no say in the matter now because he is no longer king and he’s the one who chose to live on land.

Harley and Batgirl wake up at a table surrounded by the same goons and when they want to know who’s in charge, Mad Hatter shows up. He captured Batgirl because she was digging into his mind control hats and just assumed that Harley was with her.

Harley explains who she is and what she does and Hatter releases her. Batgirl is heartbroken by the fact Harley left her behind and even Harley struggles to convince herself that she made the right decision.

After being guilted by her conscience, she goes back to save Batgirl just in time and the two of them fight off all the goons. Batgirl is happy that Harley came back for her and calls Harley her friend and an overall good person but Harley kills Mad Hatter just to prove she isn’t good.

Prince Shark meets with Ocean Master to sign over the land but they’re interrupted by King Shark. He tries to talk things over with his brother but it doesn’t go as planned and the two begin fighting.

King Shark ultimately overpowers his brother and kills him even though he didn’t want to, leaving the future of their kingdom in doubt.

Harley gets back to the gala and successfully kidnaps a drunk Bruce Wayne, taking him back to Selina’s apartment to be tortured and questioned.


  • The animation of Harley Quinn is of the highest quality which is why it can often be taken for granted. The fight scenes between Harley, Batgirl and Mad Hatter’s goons is a standout moment of this episode because of the artwork involved.
  • The background score also deserves credit for how integral it is to each setting. There is one particular ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment when they use the old Adam West Batman theme which is quite interesting.
  • The King Shark arc wasn’t as interesting and didn’t add much to the episode. The series usually delivers with side plots but on this occasion they failed.
  • In fact, Clayface impersonating Billy Bob Thornton would have been a more fun route to explore. With 3 episodes of Harley Quinn still remaining for this season, they just might.
Harley Quinn season 3 episode 7
Harley Quinn season 3 episode 7 recap & review: Another Sharkley Adventure 1

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