Harley Quinn season 3 episode 4 recap & review: A Thief, A Mole, An Orgy

In episode 4 of Harley Quinn season 3, Harley and Ivy go through a rough patch in their relationship and Jim Gordon tries to find a way to improve his poll numbers in the race for mayor. The episode is now streaming on HBO Max.


Ivy is trying to work on her Eden serum while Harley shows up and suggests going out to eat. Ivy doesn’t want to go since she still has a long way to go even though her last effort gave Frank extra powers.

King Shark manages to upload Sy’s consciousness into Catwoman’s home network, linking their old landlord and friend to the internet and all its wonders.

Ivy asks them all to leave because she’s got work to do and they’re all being loud and distracting.

Harley and the others pick some instruments and start practising as a ‘Progressive Alien Deathcore’ band but Ivy asks them to turn it down a little. Frank calls Ivy out for not being straight with Harley about how annoying she’s being.

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When the noise persists, Ivy makes a fake reason stating that Catwoman has forbidden them from using the instruments in her apartment.

A little while later, Harley walks up to use Catwoman’s fancy Japanese toilet but when she wants the others to see how good it is, Ivy says that no one is allowed to use it under Catwoman’s orders and she will know if they do because she has cameras all around.

Harley gets annoyed and goes around destroying all the cameras in the house.

Jim Gordon is trailing in the polls even though he’s running against the current mayor who is in a coma. Two face tells him that to win an election he needs money so he should rub shoulders with the rich elite while Barbara tries to convince him to run on a platform of truth and justice.

He decides to follow Two Face’s suggestion and asks him how he can secure those donations.

Ivy completes her formula so she leaves Frank in a fugue state so that he can build up enough pollen to terraform Gotham while they all go out for a celebratory dinner.

When they return, they find the house turned over and Frank missing. Sy says he didn’t see anything and the cameras didn’t pick up anything because they were destroyed but Ivy doesn’t know that Harley destroyed them.

King Shark finds a broach of an owl that belonged to whoever kidnapped Frank and Harley recognizes it. They go to Joker for information and he tells them about the Court of Owls, a secret society that controls Gotham from the shadows.

Harley and Ivy go for their weekly meeting with the right disguise and password so that they can find the culprit. Jim Gordon arrives at the same meeting to secure some donations for his campaign.

Bruce Wayne and Catwoman are also at the meeting with Gordon recognizing Bruce and asking him for donations and annoying him.

Harley sees Catwoman and finds out that Ivy was lying to her. At that moment, Harley gets a call from Sy who says that they got a picture of the kidnapper’s butt that has a mole on it. He also tells her that Ivy was the one who destroyed the cameras.

They both confront each other and Ivy lets it slip that she hooked up with Catwoman in the past. This makes Harley freak out and they argue. By that point, the meeting turns into a full-blown orgy which gives Harley and Ivy a chance to look for the person with the mole.

Gordon drops his phone down and it gets knocked all over the place. He ends up getting a ton of compromising photos that Two-Face says they can use for blackmail.

Harley and Ivy make up after working through their problems but they do not find Frank’s kidnapper. Frank wakes up to find himself tied down on a table in some unknown location.


  • With the showrunners confirming that Harley and Ivy will not break up during the series, it’s nice to see them go through actually emotional development like any normal relationship despite how abnormal the circumstances are.
  • The joke aimed at James Corden is one of those meta moments in ‘Harley Quinn’ that springs out from nowhere and is bound to get a ton of laughs from the audience.
  • The partly domesticated Joker is an interesting take on the character that has its fun moments during the ‘Harley Quinn’ series.
  • ‘Harley Quinn’ parodies everything about the batman universe and in this episode, they successfully showcase their version of the iconic Court of Owls with a hilarious effect.

Rating: 2.5/5

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