Gossip Girl season 2 episode 6 recap & review: How to Bury a Millionaire

In the sixth episode of ‘Gossip Girl’ season 2, Max’s parents are renewing their vows, but the ceremony does not go as planned. The episode is now streaming on HBO Max.


Julien thinks that she is finally past her father’s scandal when she gets offered a partnership with LVHM. Max works hard to ensure that his parents’ ceremony is perfect, while Zoya buys an emergency contraceptive after spending the night with Drew.

It has been days since Mike told his partner about Jordan being the Gossip Girl, but the teachers still do not know anything about the partner or what they are going to do to them. They decide to lay low for a while.

Luna and Monet believe Graham has been lying to Julien about divorcing his wife. They send a tip about the same to Gossip Girl to get Graham to commit publically.

Minutes later, Julien gets a call that LVHM has canceled the partnership. Julien suspects there is more to it than just the fact that she is dating a man who is getting divorced.

Zoya, who has been trying to get hold of Julien, comes to meet her. At that time, Monet gets a text that her sex tape has been leaked and that it involves a boy named Drew.

Zoya connects the dots and comes to the conclusion that Drew, assuming Zoya to be Monet, slept with her to make the tape.

Jordan confronts Kate about posting on Instagram even though they promised to lay low. While Kate is justifying her actions on the phone, she gets kidnapped.

Zoya offers to help Monet find out who has been spreading rumors about Monet’s sex tape. Monet gives Zoya her phone. However, she monitors Zoya’s movements online and figures out that it is Zoya’s sex tape that has been leaked.

With her secret out, Zoya asks Monet to help her get out of the mess, but Monet asks her to handle it on her own, as she would.

Kate gets drugged by Georgina Sparks, who had her kidnapped. Georgina has figured out that Kate is Gossip Girl, not Jordan.

Obie contacts the editor of the New York Magazine to expose his family’s wrongdoings. On the other hand, Max frets about the preparations because he is scared that if anything goes wrong, his parents might not get back together.

Luna catches Graham with a pregnant woman, and she assumes that he is still with his wife. When she tells Julien about it, she plans to expose him to her followers to clear her name. Julien then invites him to come to the vow renewal with her.

Zoya reaches out to Milo to get his help. She then invites Drew to the vow renewal. At the ceremony, Zoya manages to get Drew’s phone and gives it to the person sent by Milo to delete the sex tape.

Drew finds out that Zoya has been lying to him and tells her he has already deleted the video. He further adds that he only did it because he wanted to prove to the other boys at school that he is not a virgin.

Zoya rebukes him for recording her without her consent and refuses to forgive him.

Meanwhile, Georgina blackmails Kate to ruin the vow renewal ceremony or she will send her to prison for various charges related to Gossip Girl. Kate ruins everything at the ceremony, from wedding dresses to getting the police to raid the place.

Jordan had earlier lied to Kate that his confession in front of Mike was a lie. He corners Kate at the ceremony and accuses her of running away from him because she also has feelings for him. However, Kate rejects him, and he decides to resign.

Julien catches Graham by surprise by calling the pregnant woman to the ceremony. She then goes live and tells her followers how he has been cheating on her and his wife, only to find out that the pregnant woman is his sister.

He tells her that Julien’s father had assaulted his sister, and he wanted to get revenge. He targeted Julien and lied to her about being married.

When he saw that she was also hurt by her father’s actions, he wanted to continue dating her, so he lied again about getting divorced.

Julien is still paying for her father’s sins, as Luna finds out that Julien lost the LVHM partnership because her income goes directly to a conservatorship under her father’s name.

Obie’s mother foils Obie’s plans; she knew that he would try to expose his family, so she cut him off to discredit him. Furthermore, he finds out that Daniela, the witness he was going to use, had come out and taken responsibility for all the illegal things done by his family.

Max’s parents make him understand that they did not separate because of him and that the ceremony being a disaster was not his fault. They renew their vows at their house with a limited number of guests.

Julien visits Graham once again. They know they have too much between them to make their relationship work. He decides to focus solely on his sister and says goodbye to Julien.

Julien goes home to finally talk to Zoya, who tells her everything that happened to her in the past few days. Additionally, Monet gets Drew expelled from his school.

Obie, left with no other choice, contacts Gossip Girl, while Georgina offers to help Kate run Gossip Girl. When Kate refuses, Georgina threatens her, leaving behind a paranoid Kate.


  • Georgina is introduced as the antagonist in the episode. She is an interesting character. Unlike other villains who threaten to get people killed, Georgina believes in being the master of chaos by targeting small things to cause a huge impact.
  • The writers successfully depicted Monet as a gray character for the first time. She asked Zoya to sort her own mess, but then eventually used her resources to help her.
  • It is evident nothing good is in store for Kate. Surprisingly, the writers were carefully building up her tragic flaw to show her eventual fall and make it seem like she deserves it.
Gossip Girl season 2 episode 6
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