Gen V season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Jumanji

In episode 6 of Gen V, Andre, Jordan, and Marie journey inside Cate’s mind and figure out why she betrayed them in the first place. The episode is streaming on Prime Video.


Cate restores everyone’s memories and Emma goes out to find Sam. Marie tries to talk to Andre and convince him that Cate probably had her reasons to do it but Andre isn’t listening to reason.

Jordan starts panicking as Cate has a seizure, so Marie and Andre rush over. Marie uses her power to speed up Cate’s heartbeat and keep her alive but she doesn’t regain consciousness.

She suddenly comes to and disappears. Dusty, who’s been watching all of this, notices some bricks moving out in the back wall and revealing a forest with thunder and lightning. They decide to walk through and the wall disappears behind them.

They see a mother and a police officer looking for a young child and realize that this is Cate’s memory. They see it through as Cate is taken away by the officer.

Soldier Boy shows up and asks them what they’re doing there. He explains that the thunder and lightning are blood vessels bursting in Cate’s brain, and if they want to get out, they must figure out a way soon.

Just as he is about to give the most important piece of advice, he explodes. The next memory they see is of Cate locked up in her room and being visited by Indira, who tells her that she’s there to help.

Dr. Cardosa shows Indira the progress he has made with the virus that allows them to humanely control supes, but she asks him to up the dosage and see how sick they will become.

Emma and Sam sleep together in the drive-thru and Emma tells Sam that she wants to be with him no matter how messed up he thinks he is.

Andre, Jordan, Marie, and Dusty then find themselves in class where Luke first met Cate. Andre feels awkward and wants to leave, but Luke interacts with him.

His mood suddenly changes as he shows them memories of Andre and Cate hooking up even before Luke died. He kills Dusty and goes after the others who run away.

They find themselves outside Brink’s office, and Jordan realizes that this is now their memory. Luke is about to attack Brink but Jordan knocks him out with some gas.

When he questions Brink, he is given a pathetic explanation that he chooses to believe. The others ask Jordan why he would make such a choice and they reply that they fell for Brink’s manipulation.

They appear in the woods, where Luke and Sam are undergoing a blood transfusion when Luke wakes up. Cate walks up to him and makes him forget, and then there are multiple memories of her making him forget.

She is in Indira’s office trying to warn her and Brink that her powers aren’t working as well and Luke is starting to remember again. They tell her that it’s okay, and then tell her to wipe the others’ memories, drawing attention to the guests in her brain.

They all run out and see a door in the middle of nowhere, which Marie recognizes. She opens it to find her dead parents and her sister crying by herself. Her sister blames her for killing their parents, but Marie says that it wasn’t on purpose.

She then realizes what she must do, and calls out to Cate to tell her that what she did isn’t all on her because she was manipulated and oftentimes didn’t have control.

Cate wants to be left alone to die but Andre tells her that she doesn’t deserve to let go of things so easily. They all finally wake up back in Dusty’s place.

Emma and Sam show up and Sam immediately attacks Cate before Emma stops him. They come together and decide that they have to get to Indira to figure out what is happening in The Woods.

The virus ends up killing the supe, and while Dr. Cardosa is worried, Indira appears to be thrilled by this development and asks him if he can make it contagious.


  • A trip to Cate’s mind is great for her character and adds some layers to the others as well. This is a profound episode that adds some emotional heft to the heroes of the series.
  • Soldier Boy’s cameo is brilliant. Even though he’s there for a couple of minutes, he makes the most of it and Jensen Ackles has already established himself as a star in the role.
  • Sam’s continued visions of muppets are quite humorous, especially given the context in which they appear. The Muppet version of The Deep, the Muppet massacre, and now the Muppet version of Emma, while they’re having sex, are all examples of how effectively it is employed.
Gen V season 1 episode 6
Gen V season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Jumanji 1

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