Gen V season 1 episode 4 recap & review: The Whole Truth

In episode 4 of Gen V, Sam and Emma get closer to each other, and a former alumnus visits God U. to find some answers. The episode is streaming on Prime Video.


Dr. Cardosa is analyzing the body of the guard who Emma killed but he isn’t able to figure out who could have done it. Indira tells him that if Vought finds out that Sam has gone missing, then it’ll be the end of their lives.

The hallway of The Woods is covered with the bodies of the security team who were killed by Sam during his escape. Marie finds the tracker Emma had inside a crater in the middle of nowhere.

Everyone criticizes Andre’s decision to send Emma to do something even though they have no idea who they might be up against. Emma wakes up in an abandoned drive-thru that Sam used to visit with Luke.

He says that the only person he can trust on the outside is his brother, which is when Emma shares the truth about Luke’s death. Sam cannot compose himself and Emma tries to calm him down.

Robert Vernon, also known as Tek Knight, is a former student of God U. who hosts a true crime show that dives into conspiracies to cover up the truth behind Vought’s scandals.

He is at the University to find a patsy for Luke’s death and he plans to pin it to one of the students. He has incredibly heightened senses that allow him to observe even the smallest details about the person in front of him.

Andre apologizes to Cate for not listening to her and tells her that his father knows about The Woods and tells him to drop the issue. He feels very betrayed by his father’s actions and is unsure if he ever knew the real him.

Marie approaches a supe with psychic powers on campus for help finding Emma but the supe instead knocks her out and takes her back to his room to sexually assault her. Jordan sees this and rushes to the room just as Marie wakes up and incapacitates the student by overloading his member with blood and blowing it up.

Jordan and Marie have a tense, yet playful exchange and head their separate ways. Tek Knight interviews Andre, Cate, and Jordan, and focuses on their insecurities and any secrets they might be hiding.

While interviewing Andre, he brings up the fact that Luke’s best friend is now sleeping with his girlfriend, and Andre storms off after calling Knight a hack, and his father a coward.

Emma is back to her normal size and she and Sam joke around with each other a little. Sam gets a little nervous and goes off on his own, and then begins hearing voices In his head.

Marie walks into one of her classes and Indira asks her why she didn’t show up for lunch that day. She also asks Marie about Emma and gets a feeble excuse for Emma’s disappearance.

Indira introduces Tek Knight as a guest lecturer for the day, and he decides to give them a lesson in interrogation techniques. He asks Marie to step up and questions her about Goldenboy’s death.

He succeeds in revealing that Brink had expelled Marie and that Jordan was the true hero because they were the one who fought off Luke so that Marie could get away.

Sam hallucinates an episode of ‘Avenue V’ with Jason Ritter and a puppet The Deep talking to him. They tell him that he needs to kill Dr. Cardosa because he was the one who hurt him the most.

Emma tries to understand what he’s rambling about but he rushes off. Jordan asks Marie why she chose to tell the truth now and bury herself.

Marie says that sometimes people just do the right thing without ulterior motives and Jordan is touched by this. They turn into their male form and then they and Marie make out with each other.

Emma bursts through the door to say that Sam is going after Dr. Cardosa. Tek Knight tells Indira that he can’t pin it on any of the students but he does plan on making the Indira the lamb for slaughter.

She calls him to a private spot and then reveals that she knows about the tumor in his brain, which has also given him a particularly troubling obsession. Knight has the urge to have sex with practically any hole that he sees, and Indira has a video compilation of all the times he’s done it.

She tells him that this video will be released to the public unless he backs off and leaves God U. alone. He ends his show with the statement that there is no conspiracy behind Luke’s death.

Sam is at Dr. Cardosa’s house and Andre, Cate, Emma, Jordan, and Marie show up just in time to save him and take on Sam. Emma is the only one who tries to talk to him but something that Andre says sets him off and he fights them.

Emma begins eating the food that was prepared earlier and grows humongous so that she can overpower Sam and calm him down. Marie says that they are all with him and promises to help him.

It suddenly cuts to Marie waking up in bed with Jordan asleep beside her.


  • One thing that The Boys, and now Gen V have done is update several characters from the comic with better, fleshed-out stories. Characters like Soldier Boy, and Black Noir are improvements on the originals, and Tek Knight can be added to that list.
  • Each episode feels fresh and the overall writing is just so incredibly eloquent. Even the simplest of cultural phenomena have been adapted for the series in an appropriate manner, such as the true-crime craze that is still going strong.
  • Andre’s character does seem to be flailing a bit, while Cate hasn’t gotten enough time to shine either. These two deserve some more attention and hopefully, they will be raised to the level of some of the other leads.
Gen V season 1 episode 4
Gen V season 1 episode 4 recap & review: The Whole Truth 1

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