Full Circle season 1 finale recap, review & ending explained

The final two episodes of Full Circle make clear the reason for Jared’s kidnapping and bring the conclusion to everyone’s story. The episodes are streaming on Max.

Episode 5 recap: Loyalty

Mel realizes that Xavier is trying to escape his ankle monitor right as her boss is about to suspend her because he received her psych evaluation.

Xavier convinces Garmen that he’s still on his side by contacting Louis and telling them that they need to come up with sixty thousand by midnight if they want to leave on the flight that Garmen has booked to Guyana.

Jeff and Kris visit Gene and his wife, and during their conversation, they realize that it wasn’t Jeff who sold Gene out, but Sam. This fixes things between the brothers who go out for a drink together.

Sam kicks Derek out of their house because she doesn’t want to look at him anymore. Mel’s suspension is made official and Manny is set to run point on a raid they will be conducting at Savitri’s house.

Aked gets the money and Natalia’s phone from Edward Chung and he follows the location of Jared’s phone. Natalia and Louis go to Jared’s house and see Derek leaving so they follow him.

He books a hotel room and they go to him to ask for hush money. He says that everyone knows already so it would be pointless but Aked shows up with a gun.

A struggle breaks out and Louis shoots Aked by mistake. Derek tells Natalia and Louis to run and then calls the police and paramedics to take care of Nicky.

Louis calls Xavier to tell him that Aked is dead but they have another way of getting the money. They plan to steal the painting that is in Jared’s house which is worth two hundred and fifty thousand.

Sam goes to visit her mother but Kris returns drunk after having a few at Cindy’s house. She asks Sam about Derek and Sam says that she found out about Charisse.

Kris says she knew about it but didn’t say anything because Derek paid the money back and was dedicated and loyal after that. Mel waits for Sam at her building as one last opportunity to get some information on the Essequibo case.

She does get a lead from a video of that night at the park and follows up on it. Ron is fitted with surveillance devices and briefed on what he must do at the gathering once he gets to Savitri’s place.

Episode 6 recap: Essequibo

The different branches of law enforcement set up near Savitri’s house and get ready to send Ron in. Savitri asks Garmen where Aked is but he says he doesn’t know.

He tells Savitri that he needs the money he is owed and she assures him it will be sorted that night. Ron enters the party but he is painfully obvious in his behavior.

Garmen calls Xavier and tells him to take his family to the plane early. The shaman, Mr. Willoughby, begins to conduct a ritual at the party while everyone stands in a circle.

The authorities move in and Garmen makes a run for it with Manny chasing after him. He follows him to his house where Garmen and Xavier ambush and kill him. Garmen then uses a secret tunnel in his house to escape.

Sam gets a voice message from Derek telling her that he’s in the hospital with Nicky. As she’s leaving, Louis rushes in to steal the painting. Sam gets a gun out and tells him to leave but he says that he and Natalia tried to save Jared when they still thought they had the right kid.

She finds out that he’s from Guyana, specifically west of Essequibo and she feels guilty. She lets him take the painting and goes to see Derek at the hospital.

Mel finds out about an apartment that Savitri owns and hosts guests at some times. She enters the room and finds passports for Mr. Willoughby and Clarence Joseph which is his real name.

The FBI agent calls Mel to tell him that Manny was killed during the raid. Just as she’s about to leave, Mr. Willoughby shows up and Mel finally gets the explanation for what Savitri was doing.

Clarence placed a curse on her family and he was the one who set up the conditions for the kidnapping to lift the curse. Louis and Natalia get to the river where Garmen and the plane are waiting.

Garmen plans on killing them and taking the painting but Xavier saves them by attacking Garmen. He tells them to get into the plane and tells Garmen’s wife that they’ll settle some business and then head out to Guyana.

Full Circle ending explained in detail:

What was the reason behind the curse?

Sam had funded bribes for the industrial complex many years ago and Savitri’s husband was the politician responsible for displacing the natives from their homes for these projects.

Clarence was one of those residents who refused to leave so Savitri’s husband had his grandson kidnapped and killed in the same way that Jared was supposed to be killed.

Mel learned about this from Mr. Willoughby and tells Sam all about it.

What happens between Sam and Derek?

Sam realizes that despite his mistake, Derek has been a reliable husband so she decides to forgive him, She visits him in the hospital and lets him meet Nicky after she apologizes to Charisse for getting him involved.

Nicky is discharged and he moves back in with his mother as Derek takes a more active part in his life. Sam asks Derek if he’d be interested in selling their apartment and moving somewhere more quiet and peaceful.

Derek says that he’s got an entire list of places that he could suggest to go to.

What happens to Savitri and the Essequibo case?

The FBI asks Savitri for routing numbers and names of people who received and sent payments back then but she asks them how they can keep Aked safe. That is when she finds out that Aked is dead.

Mel tells Sam that she’s the only one who could help by giving up that information. Sam says that she destroyed it but is informed that Gene might have a copy.

She meets Gene and gets the copy and then apologizes for the pain she caused. She meets Mel who is suspended for a year and gets her opinion on what punishment she might face once she reveals the information.

Natalia and Louis arrive back home and walk through a gate that houses an abandoned complex called the “Colony of Essequibo”.


  • The final two episodes of Full Circle continue to be overstuffed affairs that turn the drama all the way up without satisfactory returns.
  • The dynamic cinematography is a great depiction of technical skill that slightly improves the experience of the episodes.
  • There are still loose ends by the end that don’t entirely make sense and the narrative isn’t wrapped up well.
Full Circle season 1 episodes 5 and 6
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