Foundation season 2 episode 8 recap & review: The Last Empress

In Foundation season 2 episode 8, the public execution of Constant and Poly takes place, and later, Dusk and Dawn come close to learning about Demerzel’s origins. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Dusk finds Rue trespassing. Rue reveals that Cloud Dominion has developed the ability to restore memories, and she has all of her memories from when she lived on Trantor.

Rue lets Dusk know that Demerzel has made it clear that she is a threat to the queen. Dusk finds this hard to believe; however, he has no answers when it comes to Demerzel’s origins or what her real purpose is.

Dusk says she will be here, as she has always been, and keeps repeating these words whenever he tries to remember Demerzel’s origins, as if someone has planted these words in his mind. Rue offers to restore his memories.

Dusk notices something odd in the mural of the robots, but Dusk and Rue are interrupted. They are invited to the executions of Poly and Constant. The event is being broad-beamed across the galaxy.

On Ignis, Gaal questions where Salvor is, and when she tries to confront Tellem, she is trapped inside a cage where she can’t use her powers. Tellem knows Gaal has something she doesn’t want Tellem to see. Tellem claims it’s just a matter of time before the thing she is hiding becomes hers.

On Trantor, Day tells everyone who Poly and Constant are before beginning the execution. He warns everyone not to mistake the Empire’s benevolence for weakness. The execution will be carried out using a relic called the Collar of Typhon.

Constant says her prayers before the execution as everyone on Terminus sheds tears. At the very last moment, a whisper-ship appears, and Hober Mallow comes to Constant and Poly’s rescue.

Hober Mallow wreaks havoc, injuring many. Beki dies in the battle. Hober Mallow is only able to take Constant with him. This attack proves that Empire can be touched.

Dusk tells Day that this is an act of war. Day thinks otherwise. He knows they can utterly destroy the Foundation, so he plans to go to Terminus and talk to them instead.

Sareth supports her future husband and kisses him, making Demerzel and Dawn jealous. Day starts preparing to leave by giving authority to Dawn until he returns, much to Dusk’s dismay.

Rue saw Dawn comforting Sareth during the attack. She warns Sareth about the game she is playing. She advises Sareth to master her emotions. Once she is married to Day, she can dispense with him however she likes. Sareth reminds Rue that she is their queen and that she will make the choices.

On Ignis, Salvor is trapped in a cage too, which blocks her psychic capabilities. When she realizes she needs Hari, she contacts the version of Hari that is on Terminus using the Prime Radiant.

Hari helps her find a way out of this cage. However, he ends up learning a lot about things he shouldn’t know, from the existence of another Hari to the Second Foundation to Hober Mallow. Salvor herself offers information on Hober Mallow.

This Seldon is from the time the Terminus was waiting for his answer. He gives them an answer with the name of Hober Mallow.

Back on Trantor, since Day is off-planet, Dusk and Rue resume their line of inquiry. They discover a hidden passage inside the mural of robots. They explore an area that even Dusk doesn’t know about.

Meanwhile, Dawn accepts Sareth’s proposal, and they sleep together. Dawn can’t let Day rear his child. Sareth asks what if Day dies and pitches that they should kill the genetic dynasty.

Dawn tells her that Demerzel will stop them. She is responsible for the genetic dynasty; it’s programmed into her. Sareth then questions who programmed Demerzel. Dawn realizes that Demerzel doesn’t serve them; she only serves Cleon I.

According to Sareth, the brothers are mere puppets; they don’t hold the real power. Dawn comes to the conclusion that Demerzel is Cleon I’s only true heir. On Trantor, Cleon I appears in front of Dusk and Rue, offering them information on Demerzel’s origins.

Amidst all of this, Tellem begins the procedure of taking over Gaal’s body, Sermak waits for his daughter to return, and Hober Mallow and Constant are caught by Bel Riose.


  • Foundation season 2 episode 8 is a lengthy episode, but it comes packed with the right amount of action and mystery that compensates for the scenes that are not important.
  • The execution scene is carried out to perfection. Day’s speech leaves an impact, and Isabella Laughland, as Brother Constant, brings a viewer to tears as she says her prayers before the beginning of the execution.
  • Hober Mallow’s arrival is as heroic as it can get. This scene defines why he should be seen as an integral part of the show this season. He is sneaky, smart, and can make the likes of Empire suffer.
  • The mystery around Demerzel and the history of robots is quite spooky. The closer Dusk, Rue, Dawn, and Sareth get to the truth, the scarier it gets.
Foundation season 2 episode 8
Foundation season 2 episode 8 recap & review: The Last Empress 1

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