Foundation season 2 episode 7 recap & review: A Necessary Death

In the seventh episode of Foundation season 2, the Empire meets the messengers of Foundation while Salvor investigates what the Mentalics are hiding. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Brother Constant and Poly are kept as prisoners by the Empire. Poly is already feeling guilty for disappointing Seldon. Day and Demerzel observe the two. These two are here right when Bel Riose is investigating them.

Despite the timing, Day is willing to proceed with his marriage to Sareth. Demerzel questions if he is having second thoughts. Day tells her there is no turning back now and assures her that she will always have a place here.

With the wedding announced, Demerzel invites Sareth for a final examination before she can produce an heir. The examination will happen now. On their way to the examination, Sareth lets Demerzel know that she is aware of what she is.

Sareth questions if Demerzel has served anyone else apart from the Empire. Demerzel replies that she has, but not directly. Sareth just wants to know if she will serve her. All Demerzel says is that she serves the Empire.

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Sareth and Demerzel indulge in a heated conversation during the examination. After the examination, Demerzel warns Sareth about taking revenge. She asks him to remember her family because the way they are killed is the sort of precision Demerzel brings to work.

On Ignis, Gaal is training to replace Tellem Bond. While Gaal wants to stay and get accepted by the people here, Salvor doesn’t. Salvor expresses the concerns she has with this planet; she can’t read anyone here.

When Salvor speaks to Loron, she realizes that someone is blocking her mind, and Loron is constantly staring at his boat. This just makes her more suspicious about this place.

In the Home-Swarm, Hober Mallow negotiates with She-Is-Center. He offers them opalesk if they join Foundation. Hober Mallow explains how the Empire is using them and can get rid of them whenever Day desires.

Hober Mallow asks She-Is-Center to scan his spaceship, and she learns that this one doesn’t need a Spacer. If Empire gets its hands on these ships, they won’t need Spacers anymore.

She-Is-Center takes the Home-Swarm to Bel, Glawen, and She-Bends-Light. Hober Mallow doesn’t give away anything and escapes.

Bel informs Day of all of this. The way Day continues to disrespect Bel infuriates Glawen. Bel reminds Glawen what will happen if Empire falls, and they can’t risk that.

Brother Day and Sareth meet, and the latter introduces Day to all of her dead family members. Day indirectly admits that he is responsible for her family’s death.

Sareth meets Dawn in secret. Sareth can’t escape now. She will marry Day, but she requests that Dawn be the sire of her child. She believes Dawn is different.

Brother Day and Demerzel interrogate Constant and Poly. He hears their proposition but tells them that he already knows what they are up to as he informs them about Hober Mallow.

Seldon appears out of Constant. Seldon warns Day that if there is a war, Foundation is going to win. However, Day explains that he has read Seldon’s work. Seldon had claimed that the Genetic Dynasty weakened Empire.

Now, Day has a solution for that. He is getting married. Day says Seldon’s predictions are out of date. Day orders Constant and Poly to be arrested and an attack on the Foundation to be orchestrated.

Meanwhile, on Ignis, Salvor investigates Loron’s boat despite Gaal’s warnings. The boat takes her to a trapped Seldon. Tellem is present there too, and she traps Salvor there too.


  • The seventh episode is comparatively better than the ones Foundation season 2 has offered so far. It is to the point and less slow.
  • The show continues to fail when it comes to holding a viewer’s attention. It mostly has to do with the kind of language the characters use. For the most part, a viewer has to pay special attention to understand their message.
  • Gaal and Salvor’s adventure on Ignis, in comparison to other subplots, is quite weak and hardly interesting. Tellem continues to fail as an antagonist while the plot runs in quite a formulaic way.
Foundation season 2 episode 7
Foundation season 2 episode 7 recap & review: A Necessary Death 1

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