Chainsaw Man recap & review: Rescue

Chainsaw Man ‘Rescue’ sees Denji fight off another devil to protect Power and Meowy before Hayakawa arrives to save them both and also the day.


Chainsaw Man episode 4 opens with Denji holding Power in his arms, with the latter asking why he saved her despite all that she did to him.

Denji is quick to remind her he struck a deal with her than involved him getting to touch her breasts. Power is disappointed that the reason is so stupid.

Moments later, another devil arrives and instantly takes Denji’s right arm off. It’s the Leech devil, a friend of the Bat Devil, there to avenge their friend.

Denji transforms again, this time a shorter chainsaw protrudes out of his forehead since he’s out of juice right now. He puts up a great fight but ultimately, his powers fall short of sufficiently contending with his opponent’s.

The situation turns dire and Denji is helpless in the clutches of the Leech Devil. However, in that very moment, Hayakawa arrives and through his deal with the Fox Devil, he’s able to exterminate the Leech Devil in a matter of seconds.

Denji covers for Power when Hayakawa asks why it all transpired, sharing the quite evident details that suggest Power was behind it all.

When Denji refuses to give up Power, Hayakawa advises him to at least follow orders from him now; Denji says he’ll think about it. Hayakawa updates Makima on the whole shebang.

Chainsaw Man ends with Power shocking Hayakawa and Denji with her arrival at the former’s house. She is similarly chaotic as Denji and the whole affair is just too much for Hayakawa’s health.

Before the credits roll, Power interrupts Denji’s toilet cleaning chore to remind him he can finally act upon his perversions, as part of the deal.

However, she tells him she can only allow him three squeezes, which is more than enough for an enamoured Denji.


  • Chainsaw Man episode 4 ‘Rescue’ includes some really great action sequences, with the kinetic bits delivering what the fans expect from the anime.
  • In terms of development, though, there’s really not much going on. Despite Denji’s seemingly petty and perverted drives, he’s a good human with a lot of empathy and compassion.
  • These values are reflected in his defence of Power and having her back despite the fact that she nearly got him chewed out by a devil.
  • Taking about drives, though, Denji has finally witnessed a glimmer of hope, and he seems to be the closest to achieving one of his dreams.
  • It’s really nothing to run home about and beyond fanservice, Denji’s perverted arc serves nothing but a deficit of a deeper, romantic, and mature one.
  • Other than Denji and Power, Makima continues to look like the elusive and mystical being that she is, while Hayakawa really proves to be a kind and compassionate individual, helping Denji and tolerating his and Power’s chaos.
Chainsaw Man episode 4
Chainsaw Man recap & review: Rescue 1

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