Central Park season 3 episode 13 recap & review: The Brandenpire Strikes Back

The finale of Central Park season 3 sees Owen struggling to make his ‘I Heart The Park’ festival a success. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


The ‘I Heart The Park’ festival is full of food trucks, live music, painting, and information booths, but the only thing Owen is focused on is selling his tote bags.

Tote sales are how Owen is going to raise money for the park. The family has paid for them out of their budget, so he needs to make sure that he sells each one of those bags.

Abby comes barging into the park with her alarming ringtone. She just went through the last round of auditions for a big role and is waiting for a callback.

She is taking desperate measures to make sure that she doesn’t miss the call and that the line is clear.

Meanwhile, Bitsy vows to make a move on Mayor Leeds by gifting him the chandelier that he loved. Unfortunately, the mayor can’t visit as there is a protest going on near the Brandenham Hotel against Bitsy.

The protesters are Bitsy’s employees, who are not happy with the way she treats them. Bitsy decides to call Abby and asks her to deliver the chandelier to Mayor Leeds.

Mayor Leeds, on the other hand, is actually visiting Central Park for the festival. He informs Owen that Parks Commissioner Krantz will also be attending.

Krantz usually comes to parks when she is not happy with something. Owen panics and tries to sell his totes, only to realize that no one is buying them.

Elwood comes back and states that he doesn’t have any more totes. Owen is happy that at least he was able to sell some of them.

Paige suggests that Owen should be more like Elwood. He never overthinks the situation and gets things done. Owen kind of agrees and decides to take a break, and leaves to de-stress with Elwood.

That’s when he finds out that Elwood didn’t sell all the totes; he actually lost all of them. Despite the odds being against them, Elwood still believes that everything will work out.

Park Commissioner Krantz arrives at the park, and Owen makes it in time to meet her. He immediately apologizes for not conducting his campaign successfully.

Krantz reveals that she doesn’t visit Central Park because she knows everything is going to be perfect under the leadership of Owen.

Even though Owen doesn’t see the campaign as a success, she does. She asks him to look around and observe the people who are loving the park. She congratulates Owen and leaves.

Elwood returns with the lost tote bags and the family gets back to business.

Amidst all of this, Abby gets the callback on her way to Mayor Leeds’ Gracie Mansion. She attends the final audition and forgets the chandelier there.

She sneaks in to get it and overhears how the auditioners hated her acting. A frustrated Abby blames it on Bitsy and abuses her on the phone.

Abby’s rant is appreciated by one of the auditioners. She promises to take her in if she can bring that energy into the room.

Meanwhile, Helen talks to the protesters, who now want an apology. Bitsy has no problem making a fake apology, but the protesters want her to apologize to Helen.

Bitsy feels uncomfortable doing that and instead announces a 5% wage increase, one more vacation day, and an extra 15-minute bathroom break for her employees.

The protesters rejoice and end the strike. Bitsy orders Helen to call Mayor Leeds and begins preparing for his arrival.

The leader of the protests feels sorry for Helen as they were not able to force Bitsy to apologize to her. Helen suggests that she got them what they wanted, so there is no need for any of that.


  • The finale quickly picks up the ‘I Heart The Park’ campaign’s final steps without a proper build-up. In spite of that, we saw a number of faces from this season returning. Thus, it all made sense in the end.
  • The finale also establishes the fact that all Bitsy has is money, but the brain behind her decision is Helen, who is actually the real manipulator.
  • Abby’s arc finally gets an interesting development and it seems like there are big things coming for her. She was a great addition and was actually ‘Helen No. 2’ for Bitsy.
  • At the same time, the episode leaves us hanging with what happens to Abby after breaking the chandelier. She doesn’t need her job at Brandenham Hotel anymore, but will it affect her relationship with Bitsy is the question.
  • The most beautiful moment from the episode is Owen getting along with Elwood. There is a lot one can learn from Elwood’s carefree attitude and the character spills his secret loudly and clearly.
Central Park season 3 episode 13
Central Park season 3 episode 13 recap & review: The Brandenpire Strikes Back 1

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