Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 4 recap & review: The Principal’s Office

Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 4 sees Gregory expecting Ava to exert more authority on the undisciplined kids; Janine tries to patch things up between Melissa and her estranged sister.


Abbott Elementary opens with the teachers in the staff room, going about their chit-chat when Janine brings down the mood with the cheap noodles she’s going to eat.

Melissa says she’ll teach her how to cook a cheap meal that’s still tasty, inviting her over to her house. Jacob tags along as well.

Meanwhile, Gregory is having trouble keeping one of his students focused on learning. Try as he might, he just can’t bring Micah to drop his obsession with the cartoon show ‘Bluey’.

When even the other first graders start being annoyed at his schtick, Gregory warns Micah that he’ll take him to the principal’s room if he doesn’t stop distracting the class.

However, the first grader is far too big of a Bluey stan to pay heed to the warnings. An agitated Gregory tells him to pack his bag and takes him to the principal’s room.

Meanwhile, Jacob and Janine are at Melissa’s house where the latter tries to teach them cooking and the difference between onions and shallots.

Amid Janine’s chatter about her novice understanding of cooking, the discussion pivots to Melissa’s estranged sister Kristin Marie.

Janine starts to reminisce about her own sister who’s been distant and estranged from her for a long time. She then asks Melissa the reason why she got estranged from her sister but she doesn’t want to discuss any of it.

The next day, Janine hatches a new plan, this one entails the mending of Melissa and Kristin Marie’s relationship. Janine and Jacob head off to Melissa’s home for the second night and round of cooking lessons.

Unbeknownst to Melissa, Kristin Marie barges into her home carrying a container of a badly made dish with her. She blames Melissa for trying to poison her with the horrendous dish that also came with an endearing note.

Melissa says she has nothing to do with any of that and instantly understands who sent those items to her sister. Needless to say, Janine’s well-meaning attempts at mending broken familial bonds fail to succeed.

Meanwhile, Micah is returned to the class by Ava and seems to not have gone through any harsh lesson in discipline as Gregory expected. Instead, all is good and merry with Micah and Ava, with the two acting like buddies.

Gregory expresses his agitation to Ava, asking her to be more authoritative towards the students that are sent to her room for indiscipline.

Ava tells him that it’s already embarrassing enough for a child to take the walk of shame to the room. She doesn’t want to pile on over an already harsh thing, asking Gregory to sort out indisciplined students in the class itself.

Gregory understands and goes back to his class, taking a new approach to contend with Micah. The student starts to cooperate as well.

Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 4 ends with Janine apologizing for intervening and making a mess for Melissa.

However, the veteran teacher is not upset since she expected such a debacle from the start, eventually telling Janine to take another cooking lesson from her.


  • Abbott Elementary season 2 is focusing on Melissa more than it did in the previous season, which is always great to see and not so surprising since this season will be considerably longer than its predecessor.
  • The episode develops Melissa’s story with her estranged sister Kristin Marie more after the brief exchanges between them in episode 2.
  • It’s eminent that this story is fleshed out further in the future Abbott Elementary episodes, with Kristin Marie hopefully returning to deliver more of the great dynamic and chemistry she already has with Melissa.
  • Mr Johnson is an absolute delight to watch in the short bursts he graces the screen with his knockout comedic timing. The “Shame…Shame” spoof of Game of Thrones was wonderfully hilarious.
Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 4
Abbott Elementary season 2 episode 4 recap & review: The Principal's Office 1

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