I couldn’t believe it had happened to me: Zoa Morani opens up about testing positive for Covid-19

Actor Zoa Morani who recently tested positive for Covid-19 came on live with actor and friend Varun Dhawan to talk about the whole experience and her path to recovery.

Dhawan started the live by asking Morani about her symptoms and when she first felt them. She revealed that it started with a mild fever and her sister, Shaza, who also tested positive felt feverish a day before her. Their father, producer Karim Morani tested positive as well.

“Initially, first two days it wasn’t much at all, just little bit of weakness and the fever. After the third and the fourth day, the cough started,” she said.

She further added that it gradually went to a stage where she could not taste her food and the shortness of breath started setting in after seven days.

Morani expressed that the best decision she made was coming to the hospital after the symptoms were in full swing. “Within three days, I feel like I’m totally fine and I can go home.”

“My breathlessness stopped on the second day, I could feel a little congestion and a little fever, but it’s so much better than I was feeling at home,” she added.

Dhawan asked her to tell people what they should do in case they feel the symptoms.

“Just don’t get scared. If you start feeling all these symptoms in one go, you probably have it. So, just get yourself tested, start off with it and finish it off,” she replied.

They further discussed about Morani’s initial reaction to testing positive. “I really couldn’t believe because I was on the news and glued listening to all the stories and hearing everything. And then you suddenly realise that you only have it, it is a little scary.

“But I promise once you go through it, you just realise that it was completely manageable and it is nothing to be scared about and it really feels like a normal flu.”

Dhawan ended the live by praising Morani’s decision to consult doctors and urged people to help those in need because the Coronavirus does not differentiate the rich from the poor. He further highlighted the importance of self quarantine and social distancing to ensure safety.

Check out the live video here:

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