World Of MG Homecoming: Aisha and Ayush’s journey comes to an end in season 3

Tripoto has released a trailer for the final season of World of MG: Homecoming.

The show, which inspired countless others to travel, is finally coming to an end with the release of season three.

Homecoming is a Tripoto original which was started to create a zest for travel. The show in association with MG Motors features the duo of Aisha Ahmed & Ayush Mehra travelling around various places and absorbing the vast culture.

The two-minute trailer for the final season shows them reminiscing about their travels till now, while arriving in Rajasthan for a final ride. With season one and two being directed by either Aryaman Pathania or Saurabh Yadav, it’s likely we will see this duo at it again.

Tripoto Travels is an organisation with the aim of building a massive community of travellers around the world. In their own words:

Tripoto is one of the largest communities of travelers in the world. Travelers post breathtaking photographs, mind-blowing blogs and goosebump-inducing videos on our platforms and share them to inspire fellow travelers. Tripoto is essentially your one-stop shop every time you’re looking for itineraries, recommendations and any other travel-related inspiration. Whether it’s the most budget-friendly weekend getaway or a luxurious rejuvenation session you seek, you’ll find it here. Whether you’re looking for the unexplored cafes in the hills or deep-sea diving sites, we have it all.

The small bite-sized episodes of Homecoming have garnered the love of viewers and received millions of views on YouTube. There is no definite release date yet. However, we hope it will be soon as people are waiting eagerly for it. Check out the trailer:

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