Untold Vol. 1 on Netflix: Ulfiltered take on sports stories

Netflix released the trailer of its upcoming sports docuseries ‘Untold Vol. 1’. The 5-part docuseries will premiere in the month of August.

Untold Vol. 1 will bring out the behind-the-scenes of some of the greatest stories in the field of sports. The docuseries will cover sports such as tennis, boxing, basketball, and more.

The trailer of Untold Vol. 1 brings to light some of the popular controversies in the sports arena. The first episode ‘Malice at the Palace’ is about a basketball match which ended up with a fight between the players and the fans of the teams in rivalry. The second episode ‘Deal with the Devil’ follows female boxer Christy Martin and her downfall due to substance abuse and domestic violence. 

In the third episode, ‘Catelyn Jenner’ will share her struggle to discover her identity and win gold in Montreal in 1976. The fourth episode ‘Crime and Penalties’ follows Trashers, a hocket team, and explores their links with a mafia. In the last episode ‘Breaking Point’, tennis player Mardy Fish discusses his battle with anxiety.

Untold Vol. 1 is directed by Floyd Russ, Laura Brownson, Crystal Moselle, Chapman Way, and Maclain Way. Way Brothers have previously directed Netflix’s ‘Wild Wild Country’.

Untold Vol. 1 first episode will be available for streaming on 10 August. The rest of the episodes will release weekly, every Tuesday.

Watch the official trailer:

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