Trial by Fire: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

A thriller series based on true events, ‘Trial by Fire’ encapsulates the ordeal of a couple who lose their children in the infamous 1997 Uphaar Cinema fire in Green Park, Delhi.

Release date

‘Trial by Fire’ is set to premiere on Netflix on January 13, 2023.

Cast and creators

  • Rajshri Deshpande as Neelam Krishnamoorthy
  • Abhay Deol as Shekhar Krishnamoorthy
  • Rajesh Tailang
  • Ashish Vidyarthi
  • Anupam Kher
  • Ratna Pathak
  • Shilpa Shukla
  • Shardul Bharadwaj

Written by: Prashant Nair and Kevin Luperchio

Directed by: Prashant Nair and Randeep Jha

Showrunner: Prashant Nair

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Produced by: Endemol Shine India & House of Talkies

Official synopsis

“In a tragic turn of events, Neelam and Shekhar Krishnamoorthy’s life flipped upside down when they lost their two kids in the Uphaar Cinema fire. The series portrays the grueling legal battle and the unbelievably trying journey that ensues after.”

Other details

The limited series is an adaptation of the 2016 book, ‘Trial by Fire: The Tragic Tale of the Uphaar Fire Tragedy’, written by Neelam and Shekhar Krishnamoorthy.

The tragedy occurred on Friday, June 13, 1997, and resulted in the loss of 59 lives and over 100 injuries.


Neelam and Shekhar Krishnamoorthy deal with the aftermath of losing their children in the fire. Despite facing numerous hurdles, they decide to stay strong, tackle the system, and seek justice.

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