Tindey: Large Short Films’ take on age being just a number

Royal Stag Select Large Short Films released the trailer for Seemaa Desai’s short film titled Tindey.

Source: Seemaa Desai Instagram

The short film will feature Rajesh Sharma in the lead along with Adah Sharma, Ashwani Kalsekar amd Mukesh Bhatt.

The film will revolve around Kranti (R. Sharma), a man in his 40s who leads a monotonous life as a clerk at a Government office.

His collegue introduces to him a dating app ‘Tindey’ (a hilarious take on Tinder). The lack of action in his life compels him to give the app a shot. Enters Molly, played by A. Sharma, a much younger girl who is ready to spice up Kranti’s life.

Check out the official poster of the film:

Tindey: Large Short Films' take on age being just a number 1

Tindey was screened at the Jagran Film Festival in September last year. The film was nominated for the Filmfare Short Films Awards 2020 where R. Sharma won the award for Best Actor.

Talking about the film A. Sharma had this to say:

I am happy I’m being cast in quirky roles… It’s rare that a leading lady gets to do comedy in a film. “Tindey” is a hilarious film, it’s a sweet take on dating apps and probably the sweetest film you would see on extra-marital affairs

Watch the trailer here:

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