The Mosquito Coast season 2: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

The second season of The Mosquito Coast continues the adventure of the Fox family as they struggle to adapt to their new lives and discover the dark secrets hidden in their new home.

Release date

The Mosquito Coast will premiere on Apple TV+ on November 4.

Cast and creators

  • Justin Theroux as Allie Fox
  • Melissa George as Margot Fox
  • Logan Polish as Dina Fox
  • Gabriel Bateman as Charlie Fox
  • Ian Hart as William “Bill” Le

Created by Neil Cross and Tom Bissell


“Allie, Margot, Dina and Charlie continue their adventure on the lam, as they make their way through the Mexican rainforest and ultimately land in a seemingly idyllic community called Casa Rojas, led by the resolute Isela. While each person grapples with their own journey and acclimates to their new lives “off the grid,” they soon discover that Casa Rojas breeds its own dark secrets and agenda.”

Other details

The first season of The Mosquito Coast received an approval rating of 63% on rotten tomatoes.


Allie and his family cross the rainforest to find their new home away from the city. Allie expects a better life for his family but the others do not approve of the forced arrangement. The community leader tells Allie about the risk she took to bring him there. Margot puts Allie’s life at risk to get help.

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