The Maska Song: Netflix gives glimpse of new original film

Netflix India has released a brand-new clip titled ‘The Maska Song’, which is filled with glimpses from the platform’s upcoming original ‘Maska’, which stars prominent Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala.

The film, which also features singer Shirley Setia, Prit Kamani and Nikita Dutta, will come out in March. It also serves as the directorial debut of writer Neeraj Udhwani.

The Maska Song introduces the characters of Kamani and Dutta, who seemed to be paired opposite each other.

Following the inspiration for its title, the Indian dish bun maska is seen during various shots as the characters munch on it.

During a previous announcement of the show, Kamani described it as “a beautiful story about dreams and tough choices”.

Here’s the clip:

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