The Mandalorian: Trailer 2 reveals more details

Disney+ has vowed to make fans go crazy as the streaming company dropped a fresh trailer for the upcoming series titled The Mandalorian.

The newest trailer of ‘The Mandalorian’, shows Pedro Pascal as the lone bounty hunter coming back from supposed ruins. Pedro is a Chilean-American actor who is most famously known for work in award-winning shows Game of Thrones and Narcos.

If we go by trailer, it seems that the entire show will revolve around Pascal’s journey as he exacts revenge on the people who hunted and tortured his kind. The events of the show will be based on the timeline between Star Wars Episode 6 (Return of the Jedi) and Episode 7 (The Force Awakens).

The Mandalorian has been written and produced by filmmaker and actor Jon Favreau. The writer/director is famous for his various roles and productions in the Marvel universe.

Speaking at the D23 expo, Favreau said: “When I got to know Disney+ would be home to Star Wars, I came in and pitched Kathleen Kennedy a version of a show that took place — after Return of the Jedi, after the revolution, after everybody is done celebrating because the Empire is gone.

“And then chaos reigns, because there’s no central government in the galaxy, so it degrades into, like the old Samurais and the old Westerns, where the gunfighters are roaming and people are fighting for their own safety and trying to build safe communities. It’s a dangerous world.”

The Mandalorian will be exclusively available to stream on Disney+ starting November 12th. Check out the second trailer:

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