The Great India Dance Off: Terence Lewis to make his digital debut

Choreographer and reality show judge Terence Lewis is set to venture into the digital world with Flipkart Video’s new dance reality show titled ‘The Great India Dance Off

‘The Great India Dance Off‘ is an interactive dance reality show where contestants will engage in power-packed dance battles every day under the mentorship of Lewis. The show seeks to showcase a variety of styles from Bollywood, Contemporary to Locking and Popping. 

Contestants include seasoned dancers like Rishabh Sharma, Sadhwi and Monark Trivedi, among others, who will be divided into two teams. 

Enthusiastic about his new role as a mentor, Lewis said:

“The Great India Dance Off provides many firsts for me, from hosting an interactive show to making my debut on a video platform. It presented a new challenge compared to what I have done and I love challenges. What sets this show apart is the focus on unadulterated talent and dance, there is no drama like the other dance shows. It caters to what the audience wants today, great and engaging content that is made for the mobile phone, without the frills. I’m so glad that this opportunity came by and I couldn’t be happier to associate with Flipkart Video for this unique dance show.”

The Great India Dance Off premieres on Flipkart Videos this saturday, with a new episode every day.

Here’s the trailer:

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