The Brand New Show: Netflix India introduces unique concept for YouTube

Netflix India has released a trailer for its new variety comedy show. Designed specifically for their YouTube channel, The Brand New Show promises something unique and versatile for the audience.

The trailer shows a team of creators discussing ways to make their show different and full of twists with brilliant impractical ideas. However, the one they are supposedly sticking with is a new host for every episode.

The show will feature stand-up comedy, sketches, interviews, monologues, activities, and games. The concept is somewhat similar to Saturday Night Live in the US.

The Brand New Show: Netflix India introduces unique concept for YouTube 1
Image Source: Netflix India

The official description of the show reads: “We bring together the country’s most exciting comedic and acting talent for a brand new format where talk-show meets sketch-show.

“In each episode of ‘The Brand New Show’, a new member of India’s comedic elite takes the helm as host and calls on the biggest stars as guests, in a consumable format only on our YouTube channel.”

“Whilst every episode will have a brand new host, the show is held together by a team of returning cast members, comprising Rytasha Rathore, Manik Papneja, Sainee Raj, and Aseem Chandaver.

“This sketch-cast stars in hilarious sketches, features in the live games to help our guests and hosts have a hilarious time.”

Digital creator Kusha Kapila announced on Instagram that she would host an episode starring Sobhita Dhulipala and Kirti Kulhari as part of the show.

The Brand New Show is set to premiere on Netflix India’s YouTube channel on 31 October 2019.

Watch the trailer below:

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