The Big Door Prize: Release date, cast, synopsis, teaser & more

In the upcoming series The Big Door Prize, a strange gadget that claims to be able to disclose each inhabitant’s full potential makes an unexpected appearance in a tiny town and changes everything for good.

Release date

The Big Door Prize will debut during Spring on Apple TV+.

Cast and creators

  • O’Dowd
  • Gabrielle Dennis
  • Ally Maki 
  • Josh Segarra
  • Damon Gupton
  • Crystal Fox
  • Sammy Fourlas
  • Djouliet Amara

Writer: David West Read

Official synopsis

“Based on M.O. Walsh’s novel of the same name, “The Big Door Prize” tells the story of a small town that is forever changed when a mysterious machine appears in the general store, promising to reveal each resident’s true life potential.”

Other details

The Big Door Prize is based on the same-titled book by M.O. Walsh.


The mysterious ‘Morpho Machine’, which analyses people’s fingerprints before spitting out a little card that summarises their life purpose by making life-altering predictions. 

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