Netflix releases new footage for Stranger Things season 3

Get ready for your world to be turned ‘upside down’ again with exclusive new footage from season 3 of Stranger Things out now on Netflix’s YouTube channel.

The science fiction set in the backdrop of a rural town launched back in 2016 and quickly climbed its way into viewers’ hearts because of its exhilarating story, astounding visuals and a more than capable cast.

Three years and two seasons later, we get to enjoy Billy having a playful banter with Mrs. Wheeler and other married mothers in a swimming pool in Hawkins. Netflix sure has a way of teasing its fans for things to come.

The video, however, drops no more light on this except the release date which was previously confirmed from a string of images tweeted by Netflix.

Stranger Things season 3 is all set to stream on the 4th of July which is an apt choice considering it’s the American Independence Day.

Check out the clip below and share the news!

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