Shukranu (Zee5): How mass sterilisation engulfed India during Emergency

ZEE5’s upcoming original web film titled ‘Shukranu – Hui Emotion Ki Nasbandi’ will be released on the platform on 14th February.

The movie is a comical dramatisation of the 1976 Emergency imposed in India by the government. The plot follows the protagonist as he comes to terms with being sterilised during the forced sterilisation campaign happening in the nation. It then explores how his simple life gets suddenly complicated during this period.

The recently released trailer shows Divyenndu’s character being forcefully sterilised with the narration in the background describing the situation in a light tone.

It also highlights a love triangle of sorts while the impotent lead character struggles with coming to terms with his condition. There is a mammoth sized twist towards the end when his wife reveals she is pregnant.

Shukranu has been directed by Bishnu Dev Halder who has been the recipient of various awards. The cast of this slice of life comedy will also include Shweta Basu Prasad and Sheetal Thakur, among many others.

Shukranu is also Reliance Entertainment’s debut production in the digital world.

Speaking about the production, the director had earlier said, “Shukranu is a humorous take on one of the dark phases of our democracy when the government family planning programme was forced upon the people.

“The idea is to make people laugh while talking about a serious issue such as this. The story dives deep into the many comical situations the protagonist Inder, essayed by Divyenndu, faces when he is forced to undergo sterilization.”

Watch the trailer below:

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