Queer Eye’s Antoni hosts ‘Show Me What You’re Working With’ on YouTube

Antoni Porowski, food and wine expert at Emmy award-winning Netflix series Queer Eye, debuts his new limited series Show Me What You’re Working With on Netflix’s YouTube channel on April 28.

Porowski has teamed up with Netflix to save us from the alleged incompetence of limited stocks in our pantries and refrigerators in these unsure times. 

Source: Antoni Porowski’s Instagram

The protocol is fairly simple to understand.

Viewers have to send videos of whatever is left in their pantries to Porowski, and after a quick examination he whips up a lip-smacking dish for the viewers to attempt while in quarantine.

The first episode features 2019’s Sexiest Reality Star preparing Shakshuka, a fun and fresh middle eastern dish hero-ing eggs and tomatoes with a wild-card twist of Korean chilli sauce.

He attempts the flavour-bursting dish after traversing through the pantry of Syracuse-based pharmacist Brenda and her husband, a physician selflessly working in the ER to help COVID-19 patients.

The best part about the mini-series is Porowski walking the viewers through the cooking process and the exciting happy hour, which features his boyfriend Kevin and foster dog Neon in the first episode.

You can Show Me What You’re Working With on Netflix’s YouTube channel. Here’s the first episode:

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