Re/Member: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

The teen horror film called Re/Member, also known as Karada Sagashi, recounts the tale of six high school students trapped in a vicious time loop who must collect the dispersed remains of an unknown victim in order to break the curse.

Release date

Re/Member will premiere on February 14 on Netflix.

Cast and creators

  • Kanna Hashimoto 
  • Gordon Maeda 
  • Maika Yamamoto 
  • Fuju Kamio 
  • Kotaro Daigo 
  • Mayuu Yokota

Director: Eiichirô Hasumi

Official synopsis

“Asuka, Takahiro and four other high schoolers must spend the night finding the scattered remains of a body hidden within their school, or risk being killed over and over by the “Red Person” and repeating the same day forever. 

“Can they break out of the murderous loop and see tomorrow? A deathly exhilarating climax awaits in this ultra-thrilling looping horror experience.”

Other details

The manga, Karadasagashi, which spans 17 volumes and 153 chapters and was released between September 26, 2014, and December 8, 2017, is the basis for the film. Welzard wrote the manga, while Katsutoshi Murase did the illustrations.


The clip depicts a group of youngsters who encounter demonic spirits and are killed in their nightmares. They discover a way to break the curse as the incidents keep happening every day.

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