Welcome To The Blumhouse on Prime Video: New horror anthology

Amazon Prime Video has released the trailer for its upcoming horror series, ‘Welcome To The Blumhouse’. The first two stories from the anthology are set to premiere on October 1.

‘Welcome To The Blumhouse’ is a horror series featuring four separate and diverse films which will be released as double features. This is the second collection spooky films to release in the series as the title first came to Amazon Prime Video in October of 2020.

The quartet of films released under the banner in 2020 included, ‘The Lie’, ‘Black Box’, ‘Evil Eye’, and ‘Nocturne’.

The trailer has revealed the new releases being brought by the series this year and they are titled, ‘Bingo Hell’, ‘Black as Night’, ‘Madres’, and ‘The Manor’.

The first two titles will release on October 1 whereas the latter ones will premiere one week later on October 8. ‘Bingo Hell’ has been directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero, and ‘Black as Night’ by Maritte Lee Go.

Furthermore, ‘Madres’ has been helmed by Ryan Zaragoza, and ‘The Manor’ by Axelle Carolyn.

The films within the series run on a common theme and this year they will focus on personal phobias and institutional horror.

Catch the trailer for ‘Welcome To The Blumhouse’:

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