Netflix UK hikes prices to cover cost for content

Netflix UK has recently informed its subscribers about some of its plans that will see a rise in prices. The change will be applicable from next month.

Its standard monthly package will go up from £8.99 to £9.99 and its premium one will rise from £11.99 to £13.99, but its basic plan remains at £5.99.

The streaming service said the price rises reflected money spent on content. Predictions indicate that this price hike might not be well recieved among people.

Since UK is under new national lockdown, people are staying back home, thus increasing the chance of potential Netflix subscriptions. This price hike might meddle with that.

Since March 2020, Netflix has seen 16 million new subscriptions across the world. UK saw 1/3 more subscriptions when compared to 2019.

The platform released a statement saying:

“This year we’re spending over $1bn [£736m] in the UK on new, locally-made films, series and documentaries, helping to create thousands of jobs and showcasing British storytelling at its best.”

Originals like ‘The Crown’, ‘Sex Education’ and ‘Top Boy’ are among global favourites.

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