Top 10 most-watched Netflix films and shows over past one year

The streaming giant, Netflix, has always been secretive about the ratings of their shows and movies.

The company has, however, made some changes and are revealing a list of numbers for the audience with the latest being their third-quarter earnings report with figures revealing their most-watch films and shows, as per data compiled by New York Times.

The list has been made between the shows and movies that were released between October 2018 to September 2019.

At the top of the most-watched shows list was, unsurprisingly, Stranger Things, which has amassed a doting audience of 64 million viewers for Season 3 and become the most-watched season on Netflix.

The show that did, surprisingly, stand at second place is The Umbrella Academy with 45 million viewers across the platform.

The list is then followed by popular Spanish crime-series La Casa De Papel also known as Money Heist which got a large audience of 44 million views this year.

This also includes the stalker-romance You along with British series Sex Education. Ava DuVernay’s powerful When They See Us limited series has also been listed as most viewed along with another Spanish show, the teen-drama series Elite.

Netflix original Dead to Me, real-life based series Unbelievable and Oscar-winning documentary Our Planet also made it to the top-ten list.

Among the most-watched movies were Oscar-winning Sandra Bullock-starrer Bird Box at 80 million viewers, followed by Jennifer Aniston-Adam Sandler comedy Murder Mystery.

The other movies that made the list were Triple Frontier, Noah Centenio’s The Perfect Date, Tall Girl, The Highwaymen, Secret Obsession, Always Be My Maybe and documentary movie on the tragic Fyre Festival, Fyre, which stood last at 20 million views.

However, it should be kept in mind that Netflix judges these shows’ audiences by ratings based on subscribers having finished at least 70 per cent of the listed series or 70 per cent of the movies.

And as they are not bound to the traditional Nielsen ratings that most networks in America use to determine their standings so, Netflix has no concrete structure for ratings.

As a result of wanting to connect more with the audience, Netflix has started testing the use of Top 10 lists for subscribers who are watching in Britain and Mexico.

The data also indicates that high school comedies are especially popular on the streaming service, both for television and movies as well as some Spanish language series.

With the premiere of many new shows and movies, it remains to be seen which ones will also make their way into the Netflix list in the upcoming year. Tell us in the comments below which show you would like to see on the next list.

Here are the full lists with numbers:

Top Ten Shows:

1. Stranger Things – 64 million

2. Umbrella Academy – 45 million

3. Money Heist – 44 million

4. You – 40 million

5. Sex Education – 40 million

6. Our Planet – 33 million

7. Unbelievable – 32 million

8. Dead to Me – 30 million

9. When They See Us – 25 million

10. Elite – 20 million

Top Ten Films:

1. Bird Box – 80 million

2. Murder Mystery – 73 million

3. Triple Frontier – 52 million

4. The Perfect Date – 48 million

5. Tall Girl – 41 million

6. The Highwaymen – 40 million

7. Secret Obsession – 40 million

8. Always Be My Maybe – 32 million

9. Otherhood – 29 million

10. Fyre – 20 million

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