Chaos comes to town with Netflix Original The Society

What do you do when you’re transported to an exact replica of your hometown but there’s not a single adult in sight? Netflix is asking the same question with the trailer for a new Original, ‘The Society’, which dropped on YouTube a few hours ago.

By the looks of it, the story focuses on the teenagers of a wealthy town called ‘West Ham’ and their struggle to form a new society when every single adult mysteriously disappears.

The teens try to form a new order out of the shambles but are trapped in a power struggle. The clip shows chaos, confusion and conflict in this 10-episode series. The show is a modern take on the Nobel-prize winning book Lord of the Flies

The cast is a mix of previously known actors and newcomers. The lead roles of the sisters Allie & Cassandra are played by Kathryn Newton and Rachel Keller respectively.

You might recognize Kathryn from the HBO series ‘Big Little Lies’. She is also set to appear in the upcoming movie ‘Detective Pikachu.’

Rachel Keller is also a known actress from her previous roles in movies like Supernatural, Fargo (2014) & Legion.

Other cast members are played by an extensive cast of individuals including but not limited to Gideon Adlon, Sean Berdy, Jacques Colimon and Grace Victoria Cox.

The Society releases on Netflix on 10th May.

Check out the trailer below and get ready for this thrilling series:
Credit:Netflix YouTube

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