Netflix India set to launch dating show titled ‘Matched@Netflix’

‘Matched@Netflix’ is a blind-dating show based on the player’s Netflix profile and it is set to release on Netflix India’s official YouTube channel.

Netflix India describes the show as ‘So 2022’ and ‘Double Vaxxed and Triple Distanced’. In their recent Instagram story, Netflix India asked for the fans’ response about the same.

A single-player would be required to pick a blind date from three competitors- based on their Netflix profiles! The show is expected to make matches for people of diverse backgrounds on the sole basis of their cinematic preferences.

It’s an attempt to see if Netflix profiles could double down as dating profiles, as the team says.

Vishesh Milind, the popular voice artist and Youtuber who rose to fame through his funny Omegle videos, is expected to appear on the show. The show is set to premiere on February 8, 2022.

Here is the first look at ‘Matched@Netflix’:

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