Netflix explores the relationship between hip-hop, America and marijuana in new documentary

Netflix has released the trailer for Grass is Greener, a documentary that intends to explore America’s complicated relationship with marijuana. Ironically,  it will be out on 20th April, the day that is marked for the celebration of weed all over the world (4/20).
The directorial debut of hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy, it includes interviews with hip-hop artists like Snoop Dogg, Damian Marley, Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog and many more.
This is not just another documentary about smoking, but rather, Freddy investigates the racially-biased history of the war on marijuana and the adverse impact that its illegal nature had on Black and Latino communities.
He also delves deeper into the influence that hip-hop music had on the marijuana culture and how artists use it as a means of creative expression to inform the people who listen to their music and not just to influence them.

“We’re not the war on drugs. We’re fighting the war on drugs. ” Snoop Dogg

It focuses on how marijuana has been used as a common means of racial profiling in the US and all over the world and what the minority communities did to cope.

In Netflix’s official description, it says: “As more and more states join the push to legalize marijuana, Grass is Greener dives deep into the glaring racial disparities in the growing cannabis market.”
Image Source: Netflix screengrab
Watch the trailer below:

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