Netflix funds 5 short films by Black filmmakers

Netflix, in partnership with Film Independent and Project Involve, has funded the development of five short films by talented Black filmmakers. The films are being released on the Netflix Film Club channel on YouTube, starting from 22 February.

Project Involve is an organization that promotes diversity in filmmaking through funds, workshops and mentorships. The screening began in July 2020 with 45 nominees from Film Independent submitting their pitches to Netflix. Five filmmakers were selected and provided a grant of 10,000 USD each.

Nijla Mu’min is the director of ‘Black Prom’. Her debut feature had won a major award in the 2018 SXSW Film Festival. ‘Black Prom’ is about a black youngster’s unusual experiences during the prom night.

Sheldon Candis has helmed ‘Queen Bess’, a biopic of aviation pilot Bessie Coleman. Candis has previously directed documentaries such as ‘Who will survive America?’ and ‘Baltimore Boys’.

‘Injustice System’, directed by Frederick Thornton, will show a mother’s journey with her son suffering with COVID in the prison.

‘Home’ directed by Ellie Foumbi, will be a horror story about a family shifting to the woods. Foumbi has previously directed ‘Our Father, the Devil’ which will be presented at the upcoming Venice Film Festival.

Jarrett Lee Conaway’s ‘My Brother Jesus’ will reflect on a complex relationship between an artist and a muse.

The films will roll out every day this week, which is the final week of Black History Month. ‘Black Prom’ is the first film on the list and is currently streaming.

Watch ‘Black Prom’ here:

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