My Secret Terrius feeds Coronavirus conspiracy theories

The spread of Coronavirus has been deliberated by conspiracy theory enthusiasts all over the world. As a result, various theories have been floating around, but none of them have been as astonishing as this one.

A video started making rounds on social media which claimed that a South Korean show, My Secret Terrius, had pulled of a feat like The Simpsons and predicted the breakout of the epidemic before it actually happened. The web series is available on Netflix and initially premiered in 2018. 

In the video, a man can be seen cautioning his partner to stay home. The scene changes to a conversation between a doctor and a woman, where the doctor explains to the woman that a new virus has been developed. This virus belongs to the family of MERS and common flu, but is way more dangerous.

The doctor further explains that this is a mutant virus as someone modified it to increase its mortality to almost 90% and to directly attack the lungs within five minutes of exposure. In addition to that, it is extremely difficult to make the vaccine for this virus. 

What astounded the people was not just the mention of Coronavirus in My Secret Terrius in 2018 but also the accuracy with which the disease and its problems were described in the show. On social media platforms, people around the globe were shocked by this uncanny scene from the show.

This scene occurs in episode 10 of the first season of the show. My Secret Terrius is based on a woman who, after losing her husband, teams up with her mysterious neighbour, an NSI agent, to uncover a conspiracy. The show stars So Ji-sub, Jung In-sun, Son Ho-jun and Im Se-mi.

It is interesting to think about the modification of the virus and it being used as a weapon, as suggested in the show. However, there has been no proof to back these assumptions. The cause of the outbreak of the virus still remains a mystery.

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