Cliffhanger prompts at a second season for Netflix’s original K-drama ‘My First First Love’

Netflix’s fifth K-drama original production My First First Love has only left its ardent viewers wanting more of the series, after season one culminated with a rather unsatisfying story arc. Fans are convinced that a second season is in the talks as director, Oh Jin Seok, confirmed that they filmed 16 episodes in total while the series was in the making.

Season one of the drama was released on the streaming platform on 18 April, with 8 episodes. It stars Strong Girl Bong Soon alum Ji Soo, DIA’s Jung Chae Yeon and B1A4’s Jung Jin Young as the central characters. Choi Ri of Goblin and 5urprise’s Kang Tae-Oh also appear in recurring roles.

Cliffhanger prompts at a second season for Netflix's original K-drama 'My First First Love' 1
Source: Netflix

The story follows a generic K-drama plot. Tae-Oh (Ji Soo) is a twenty-something-year-old university student and has all that life could offer, expect for one simple but significant thing – the love of his life. He is often paired with his friend of over 20 years, Song-I (Jung Chae Yeon), who swears that they have a strictly platonic relationship and are no more than friends.

Song-I ends up being a house-mate to Tae-Oh, after going through some troubles in her life, and meets his other best friend Seo Do-Hyun (Jung Jin Young). The three find themselves living under the same roof and to complicate the matters, involved in a perplexing love-triangle.

My First First Love is a gentle reminder of  the beauty of first loves. It focuses on the stages of falling head-over-heels in love for the very first time, while also touching upon the frequent mistakes one makes in their naivete.

The drama has been streaming steadily for a little over a week now and has elicited positive reactions from netizens world-wide who are eagerly waiting for the second instalment. It has also been dubbed in English for the non-Korean Netflix audiences.

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