Moonshot: Release date, cast and trailer

‘Moonshot’ is a futuristic romantic comedy film, where two students, Walt and Sophie, voyage to Mars.

Release date

‘Moonshot’ is set to be released on HBO Max on March 31, 2022.

Cast and creators

  • Cole Sprouse
  • Lana Condor
  • Mason Gooding
  • Emily Rudd
  • Zach Braff
  • Lukas Gage
  • Michelle Buteau
  • Christine Adams

Directed by Chris Winterbauer


“In a future where Mars is terraformed, two college students sneak onboard a space shuttle from Earth to Mars in order to be united with their significant others.”

Other details

The film includes a soundtrack by Coldplay featuring BTS.

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‘Moonshot’ is a comedic inter-galactic romance, where two college students, Walt and Sophie strive to pursue their dreams. They sneak onboard a spaceship to Mars, which has now been colonised by people from Earth and is habitable.

They face their fears to achieve the most favourable outcome, on an unknown planet.

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