Money Heist season 5 in-the-making

Álvaro Morte aka everyone’s favourite “The Professor” from Money Heist has revealed via his Instagram handle that he is back for the show’s new season hinting that the making has begun.

Álex Pina – the maker of Money Heist and White Lines also took to his Instagram handle to announce that he has begun with the writing process while wearing a “Tokyo” T-shirt. The creator admitted that he picks up any T-shirt that he sees with “Tokyo” written on it:

The previous season of the show ended with a cliffhanger that involved Alicia Sierra holding a gun to The Professor’s head. Pina also granted fans with a glimpse of the original Tokyo shirt that Úrsula Coberó wore.

Season four of Money Heist was watched by 65 million households in just 30 days.

Even though productions were halted at a point, Netflix, along with other streaming services, have been announcing new content regularly and trying to get their shows back into the works in whichever markets it’s safe to do so at the moment.

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