Midnight Asia: Eat Dance Dream: Release date and trailer

Netflix’s ‘Midnight Asia’ is a docu-series that goes behind the scenes of the nightlife of six major metropolitans of Asia and shows the colour and taste of the experience.

Release date

‘Midnight Asia: Eat Dance Dream’ is set to release on January 20 on Netflix.


“Night brings out the most playful side of Asia’s metropolises. This docuseries captures the food, drink, music — and night owls who shine in the dark.”

Other details

The six episode series will follow the nightlife of six different major cities of Asia including Seoul, Manila, Bangkok, Tokyo, Taipei and Mumbai.


The trailer features vibrant glimpses from the six cities from around Asia and the people who add life to it. It includes a DJ, an old noodle shop owner, drag kings, a bartender and many more people who make the nightlife fun and colourful. It showcases the lights and life that the nights in these cities have to offer.

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