Mat Kilau: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Mat Kilau is a Malaysian social-issue drama centered around a warrior who fights British colonisation in Pahang, and brings his community together to protect their lands.

Release date

Mat Kilau will be released on Netflix on September 16.

Cast and creators

  • Adi Putra as Mat Kilau
  • Beto Kusyairy as Wahid
  • Fattah Amin as Awang
  • Johan Asari as Yassin
  • Rahim Razali as Imam Bottoqh
  • Jalaluddin Hassan as Haji Muhammad
  • Farah Ahmad as Yang Chik

Directed by Syamsul Yusof

Written by Shahruddin Dali and Syamsul Yusof


“After British armies invade Pahang, a legendary warrior leads his people into guerrilla warfare to protect their home from the threat of colonisation.”

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Other details

Mat Kilau is one of Malaysia’s highest grossing films, and has broken several box office records in its home country, and is being brought to Netflix on account of Malaysia Day.


The clip boasts of a great deal of action packed sequences, as the narrative retells the story of Kilau as a revolutionary figure who rallied against British imperialism. Kilau fights the attempts at colonisation, and stands as a figure of strength and rebellion.

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