Maldivas: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Maldivas is a mystery drama that focuses on a woman who moves into a fancy condo after the death of her mother in mysterious circumstances.

Release date

Maldivas will be released on Netflix on June 15.

Cast and creators

  • Bruna Marquezine
  • Manu Gavassi 
  • Sheron Menezzes 
  • Carol Castro
  • Vanessa Gerbelli 
  • Natalia Klein

Created by Natalia Klein


“Don’t be fooled by appearances: there are many secrets behind the Maldivas vibrant condo in Rio de Janeiro. Liz, a new resident of the condominium, seeks to understand the mysteries behind her mother’s death, but ends up discovering that each of her neighbours has something to hide.”

Other details

The official episode count is unknown, however, reports suggest that there will be seven episodes.


After the death of her mother, Liz moves to a fancy condo called Maldivas in Rio De Janeiro. She is trying to search for answers to the mysterious questions her mother left. While trying to hide from the investigator, she mixes up with unique people. But soon realizes that everyone has something to hide about the death of her mother.

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