JUNG_E: Release date, cast, synopsis, teaser, trailer & more

The forthcoming South Korean science fiction thriller film ‘JUNG_E’ centers on the development of the most sophisticated A.I. combat warrior by two researchers at the Kronoid Lab.

Release date

JUNG_E premieres on January 20, 2023, on Netflix.

Cast and creators

  • Kim Hyun-joo
  • Kang Soo-yeon
  • Ryoo Kyung-soo

Writer and Director: Yeon Sang-ho

Official synopsis

“In a post-apocalyptic 22nd century, a researcher at an AI lab leads the effort to end a civil war by cloning the brain of a heroic soldier — her mother.”

Other details

The 2021 series Hellbound, which also aired on Netflix, and Train to Busan are two of South Korean filmmaker Yeon Sang-Ho’s best-recognized works.

The film will feature the last performance of well-known actress Kang Soo-yeon, who passed away from a stroke before the movie’s premiere.


The short clip introduces the development of the main character, a sophisticated artificial intelligence combat warrior made to make the world a safer place.


Captain Yun goes on a mission that doesn’t end well for her but the government decides to use her brain and military capabilities to create an army of their own. However, things get complicated when Yun wakes up and realises what’s happening to her.

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