Jessica Jones season 3 date revealed

Ever since Netflix announced the end of Marvel live-action series like Jessica Jones & The Punisher, fans have been waiting for a satisfying conclusion to the superhuman investigator’s saga.

Hinting at Jones’ end, Netflix dropped a small teaser yesterday on YouTube revealing the date when it all begins.

The final season of Jessica Jones will premiere on 14th June. Even though the date is still a couple of weeks away, some information about the story is available.

Season 3 will see Jessica facing an intelligent supervillain who apparently will be too much for her to handle alone.

Jones must band together with Trish to take him down all while repairing their turbulent relationship.

The final season’s directors have not yet been revealed but may include the likes of S.J. Clarkson, Jennifer Lynch and Uta Briesewitz who have all previously worked on the show.

Check out the teaser below:

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