IU debuts in new Netflix original South-Korean film anthology ‘Persona’

Netflix’s South-Korean film anthology series Persona will be released on 5 April and it is the talk of K-Town. It stars singer and idol Lee Ji-Eun widely known by her stage name IU, as the protagonist.

‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ alum IU will portray four distinctive characters in her upcoming debut film anthology ‘Persona’. Photo courtesy: Soompi

IU has won over the hearts of her fans and K-Drama fans alike, with her appearances in famed television dramas Dream High, The Producers and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. This will be her debut film where she will portray different characters in four instalments.
The film is segregated into four segments i.e. Love Set, Collector, Kiss Burn and Walking at Night, each penned by critically-acclaimed directors. As the name suggests, the anthology explores each of IU’s personas through the director’s vision.

Love Set, the first in the series, is created and directed by Lee Kyung-Mi. It revolves around a very intense tennis match between IU and Bae-Doona, who will assume the role of her teacher and father’s girlfriend. The match is charged with anger and hostility and the segment centres on this as its theme.
In the second installation, Collector, created and directed by Im Pil-Sung, the film looks into the relationship between Eun (IU), a strangely attractive woman who is being wooed by an enamored Jung-Woo, played by actor Park Hae-Soo. The central motif for this segment is men and their foolishness.
The third segment is titled Kiss Burn. IU is a vengeful character, who seeks to punish her friend’s patriarchal father for grounding her. It is created and directed by Jeon Go-Woon.
In the final installation, Walking at Night, director Kim Jong-Kwan creates a storyline wherein two former lovers meet in a dream. The plot focuses on their relationship as a couple, until the point of their break-up, followed by the dream.
‘Persona’ will be available on the global streaming website from 5 April.
Watch the trailer here:

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