I Hate Christmas: Release Date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

‘I Hate Christmas’ is one of Netflix’s first Italian Christmas-themed series. The romantic comedy revolves around a single nurse who’s desperate to find a boyfriend to bring home for Christmas.

Release date

‘I Hate Christmas’ will release on December 7th, on Netflix.

Cast and creators

  • Pilar Fogliati as Gianna
  • Fiorenza Pieri
  • Massimo Rigo
  • Marzia Ubaldi
  • Alessio Praticò

Directed by Davide Mardegan and Clemente De Muro


“‘I hate Christmas’ is a Christmas-themed Romcom that is soon to be released on Netflix. It is one of Netflix’s first Italian Christmas series. The storyline revolves around a single nurse, Gianna, who is somewhat pressurized into bringing a suitable boyfriend to her family’s Christmas gathering. It comes down to whether or not will Gianna be successful this Christmas”

Other details

‘I Hate Christmas’ is a remake of the Norwegian series, Hjem til Jul.


The trailer commences with the strong statement, “Christmas doesn’t care about your happiness.” This is followed by the assertion, “The only thing that matters is if you have Family.” Right after, we see Gianna falsely claim that she has a boyfriend (in order to avoid any further remarks on her love life). This revelation makes a family member remark, pleased, “There’s hope for everyone!” With the gauntlet thrown down, she returns to her friends, and they discuss how she might get a partner fit to take home for Christmas in 24 days.

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