‘Hot Skull’ premieres December 2 on Netflix

The upcoming Netflix mystery drama series ‘Hot Skull’ will debut on the platform on December 2, the streamer has confirmed. 

The official synopsis for the 8-episode Turkish series reads: “Based on the novel HOT SKULL by Afşin Kum, set in a world shaken by an epidemic of madness that spreads through language and speech, the reclusive former linguist Murat Siyavus, having taken refuge at his mother’s home, is the only person mysteriously unaffected by this disease.

“Hunted by the ruthless Anti-Epidemic Institution, Murat is forced to leave the safe zone and flee within the flames and ruins of the streets of Istanbul, where he searches for the secret of his “hot skull” – a lasting mark of the disease.”

The cast includes Osman Sonant, Şevket Çoruh, Hazal Subaşı, Tilbe Saran, Kubilay Tunçer, Özgür Emre Yıldırım, Gonca Vuslateri, Zerrin Sümer, Yetkin Dikinciler, Hakan Gerçek, Erdem Akakçe, Barış Yıldız, Arda Anarat, Furkan Kalabalik, Şebnem, Hassanisoughi, Cüneyt Uzunlar, Haluk Bilginer.

Mert Baykal and Umu Turagay are the directors, while Baykal serves as the showrunner as well. The producers are Seyba Tuysuzoglu and Fatih Teksal.

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